• Welcome to Our Newest Employees!

    06/16/2021 — Jen Deming

    Here at PartnerShip, we truly value our team members and put a strong emphasis on connectivity between staff. During the past year, working remotely has made it more challenging to maintain our culture, but that hasn't changed our commitment to supporting each other. We recently brought on six new staff members and while we get to know them, we thought you'd also like to help us welcome them to the team! Learn more about these new faces of PartnerShip below. 

    Bianca Pate

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I collect tropical houseplants and have a vegetable garden. I also spend a lot of time making macrame art, sketching, reading and going hiking.

    Do you have any nicknames?

    All of my friends call me Bea.

    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    Say It Ain't So - Weezer

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Every few months my partner and I drive to Asheville, NC to go hiking. It’s my favorite place, so it’s always the best to get away in the mountains.

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?

    My favorite coworker from one of my past jobs says I am great at talking to people and meeting them where they are at.

    Mary Anne

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Walk the park with my dog Bella and visit with my grandbabies.

    Do you have any nicknames?

    Yes, Grace.

    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    Don't have one.

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Visiting my grandbabies in West Virginia.

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?

    My outgoing personality!

    Rae Millican

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I spend my free time having fun with my two daughters. I also enjoy collecting really old books and doing activities outside around the bay.

    Do you have any nicknames?

    Rae Rae

    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Best Scenery: Lake Louise (Banff National Park). Most Fun: Italy/New Orleans/Key West

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?

    My helpful attitude.

    JT McDonald

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I race Motocross, play guitar, play with my dogs Ryder & Sophie and try out new recipes

    Do you have any nicknames?

    JT is a nickname that was given to me when I was about a week old. My full name is John Thomas but my Dad’s name is also John. A week in my parents realized that calling me John would be confusing and John Thomas was too long so JT was what they settled on and I’ve gone by that since.

    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    One Headlight - The Wallflowers

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Waikoloa Hawaii. Such a beautiful place with great beaches, volcanos to explore and amazing food.

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?

    My ability to wear many hats and take on any project.

    Paris Thomas

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I like to catch up on my reading in my free time.

    Do you have any nicknames?

    No nicknames.

    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Dominican Republic - when I was married.

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?

    I'm very aware of my surroundings and I'm always willing to learn.

    Paris Thomas

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Spend time with my children.

    Do you have any nicknames?


    What is your favorite 90s Jam?

    Wonderwall - Oasis

    What's the best vacation you've been on?

    Universal Studios.

    What do your colleagues say is your best attribute?


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  • Employee Spotlight: the Hardman Blanket Drive

    12/18/2019 — Jen Deming

    Employee Spotlight: The Hardmans

    It's the season of giving, and this time of year we like to celebrate those who go above and beyond to help those in need. At PartnerShip, we have two employees we'd like to spotlight for their commitment to spreading the spirit of the season, as well as touch on their own personal experience with an extra special cause.

    Lucas Hardman

    In spring of 2011, Brian and Nicole Hardman welcomed their first child, Lucas, into the world. Lucas was soon diagnosed with a severe form of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare and painful genetic disease that affects the connective skin tissue, resulting in extremely fragile skin that can blister or tear at the slightest touch. There is no cure for EB, and often the disease is debilitating or in the worst cases, lethal. Wound care, pain management, and preventative bandaging are currently the only options for those afflicted.

    Unfortunately, Lucas passed away about a month after his birth. Nicole and Brian are dedicated to raising awareness about "the worst disease you've never heard of" and participate in fundraisers and other benefits working with debra of America, the only U.S. nonprofit providing support to the EB community through funding research and providing free resources. 

    Every holiday season, Nicole and Brian organize a baby blanket drive in memory of Lucas, for those babies currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. In a time of great fear and uncertainty, the baby blankets provided by the hospital offered comfort and joy to the Hardmans while Lucas was admitted. So, in his honor, the Hardmans collect monetary or blanket donations from those who would like to support families in need. 

    ALT Baby Blankets

    The hospital is grateful for any blanket donation, as long as it's new and still within it's original packaging. This is the ninth year that the Hardmans will be hosting the drive, with the total baby blankets collected running over a thousand. Each and every year Nicole and Brian are moved by the generosity and love shown by those willing to donate to a cause that is so very close to their hearts. 

    "The blanket drive has become such a special holiday tradition for our family. The kindness and generosity that these blankets represent help keep our son's memory alive during a time of year when we miss him so much. We know in our hearts that helping other babies and families is the best Christmas present we can give to Lucas. While a blanket may not seem like much, we know first-hand how much comfort it can bring, even if only for a brief moment. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has donated in our baby boy's memory." -Nicole Hardman, December 2019

    To learn more about EB and how you can help, visit the Love for Lucas Facebook Page.

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  • It's a Throwback PartnerShip Holiday!

    12/17/2018 — Jen Deming

    It's the time of year for good cheer, gift giving, and family get-togethers. One of the best parts about bringing everyone together for the holidays is flipping through old albums and boxes of family photos to relive memories from holidays gone by. We wanted to share some of our team's favorite throwback holiday photos with you, and wish everyone the happiest of holidays from our family to yours!

    Barbara with guitar
    Barbara Teleha, Graphic Designer
    Before flexing her creative muscle as the PartnerShip resident designer, Barbara was striking chords in checkered onesies and turtlenecks

    Jennifer Hammersmith
    Jennifer Hammersmith, Customer Service Manager
    'Tis the season to be "married" and bright for Jennifer and her husband, Dave!

    Jerry Spelic
    Jerry Spelic, Marketing Director
    Jerry celebrates with a themed tree every year: Meet Spencer Tree-cy

    Christine Manda
    Christine Manda, Freight Brokerage Sales Manager
    Christine and sister get festive while rocking around the Christmas Tree

    Holiday Hardmans
    Brian Hardman, Senior Account Representative and Nicole Hardman, Senior Carrier Procurement Representative
    The Hardman husband/wife team toast their first Christmas together

    Leah Palnik
    Leah Palnik, Marketing Manager
    Leah celebrates the holidays with her childhood furry friend, Figgie

    Shaunta Dennis
    Shaunta Dennis, Customer Service Representative
    Shaunta patiently awaits the arrival of her gifts - as an adult she makes sure PartnerShip customers get their packages on time

    Keith Korhely
    Keith Korhely, Senior Program Manager
    Keith's buddy Gigi thinks she's all the gift that anyone needs

    Jimmy Josh
    Josh Arnold, Programmer Analyst
    Josh offers an interesting take on Santa Claus at a past PartnerShip Christmas party

    Bill Parhamovich, Account Representative
    Bill recites his Christmas list to Santa, it may or may not include a Red Ryder BB Gun

    Jen Deming
    Jen Deming, Marketing Associate
    Jen and brother Matt decide all they want for Christmas is EVERYTHING

    Making merry memories is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season, and we look forward to what this year will bring! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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  • It's Customer Service Week at PartnerShip!

    10/05/2018 — Jen Deming

    Customer Service Week 2018

    It's Customer Service Week and the time of year we like to especially celebrate our front line shipping specialists. Day in and out, these guys are making sure PartnerShip is giving the very best experience to every single customer. This year's Customer Service Week theme is "Excellence Happens Here" and it's a team value our reps demonstrate every single day. We played up the idea with a fun pirate spin for this weeks celebrations, because 'x' marks the spot for excellence at PartnerShip. And let's be honest--who doesn't love pirates?

    In an effort to celebrate our PartnerShip Customer Service team, we've asked a few of them to share a bit about what inspires them to lead every day and what they've learned since they've joined the team!

    What does a "good" customer experience mean to you?

    • Helping customers in an efficient and effective manner while maintaining a professional disposition and considering the company's bottom line. -Amanda B.

    What is the most important skill to have for a career in customer service?

    • Excellent communication. -Andrea

    What about customer service appeals to you?

    • Working with a lot of different people to help solve issues. -Vince

    What is the best way you can help put out a customer service fire?

    • Listening, being empathetic and letting the customer know you understand their concerns. Follow up with the customer. -Amanda S.

    How do you demonstrate that you are a team player?

    • Being there for my co-workers when they ask me for help. I try to offer help when I notice others may need something. -Amanda S.

    What's the best customer service experience you've given?

    • A customer was leaving a tradeshow and failed to get a quote and shipment scheduled for the move- out. The customer called in a panic because the freight was going to be forced out and they were going to have to pay a very high rate. We were able to walk the customer through completing the material handling form and scheduled/arranged an emergency pick up. The customer was very pleased with the service and thankful for the discounts. -Amanda B.

    What are you better at today than you were this time last year?

    • Everything! Every day in Customer Service I learn something new about shipping from my management team, customers, and co-workers! -Amanda B.

    PartnerShip has a passionate team of Customer Service specialists who are an indispensable resource to both customers and other members of our organization. Though this week is dedicated to recognizing all that they contribute to our business, we know that these guys go beyond expectations every single day to elevate the customer experience and help customers ship smarter. Thank you all!

    meet our staff

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  • Introducing Our PartnerPets!

    08/27/2018 — Leah Palnik

    For many of us at PartnerShip, we work hard during the day and love coming home to our furry companions in the evenings. These PartnerPets brighten up our lives and probably know us better than anyone else. If you’ve ever been curious about the people you talk to over the phone or email, here’s your chance. Get to know our team by meeting the pets who love us!

    Bailey Bear Patterson

    Bailey Bear Patterson
    Her top skill: Sitting and giving paw
    Who loves having her a part of the family: Paula Patterson, Account Representative

    Riley Shields

    Riley “Monkey” Shields
    Fun fact: He thinks he’s a person
    Who he makes laugh on a daily basis: Mandy Shields, Truckload Customer Service Representative

    Duke and Annabelle Mounts

    Duke and Annabelle Mounts
    Duke’s not-so-hidden talent: flooding the bathroom and waking everyone up at 3am
    Annabelle’s party trick: managing to be everywhere at once
    Who puts up with their shenanigans: Alayna Mounts, Account Representative

    Freya O'Hara

    Freya O’Hara
    Special ability: climbing up slides and running into things
    Who puts food in the bowl: Alecia O’Hara, Account Representative

    Onyx Samples

    Onyx Samples
    Superpower: napping and getting into things he’s not supposed to
    Who dresses him in awesome costumes: Dean Samples, Account Representative

    Yoshi and Tobias Deming

    Yoshi and Tobias Deming
    Why Yoshi’s a good boy: He finds discarded human snacks on every single daily walk
    The superior skill of Tobias: Beating his brother to the punch while playing fetch - too slow, Yosh!
    Who lets them live their best life: Jen Deming, Marketing Associate

    Gigi Korhely

    Gigi “the Gig” Korhely
    Her strengths: letting every dog have it when they walk past the house…from the comfort of the window
    Who takes her to the beauty salon on the regular: Keith Korhely, Senior Program Manager

    Mocha Magazzine

    Mocha Magazzine
    The top skill on her resume: picking her own beans in the garden
    Who she turned into a dog person: Karen Magazzine, Revenue Services Representative

    Ginger Arnold

    Ginger Arnold
    Favorite hobbies: conducting squirrel patrol watch and eating earplugs
    Who lets her hog the couch: Josh Arnold, Programmer Analyst

    Tucker, Channing, and Kiwi Laudato

    Tucker, Channing, and Kiwi Laudato
    Channing’s top skill: squirrel chasing
    Tucker’s bff: Channing, of course
    Kiwi’s amazing ability: to look like a dinosaur
    Who keeps the family together: Vince Laudato, Customer Service Representative

    Tyler Kuntz

    Tyler Kuntz
    What he does in his free time: talk (yes, talk!) to the birds that visit the feeders outside the window
    Who still feeds him even though he tries to trip him: Aaron Kuntz, Account Representative

    Andy McManamon

    Andy McManamon
    How he likes to find trouble: jumping over the fence to swim with the ducks in the neighbor’s pond
    Who lets him believe he’s a lap dog even though he’s 65lbs: Tim McManamon, Freight Brokerage Sales Manager

    Smokey Gamble

    Smokey Gamble
    How he let’s his hair down: playing catch and going for rides in the car
    Who rewards him for not making “accidents” in his cage: Justin Gamble, Senior Account Representative

    Meiko Palnik

    Meiko Palnik
    Redeeming quality: being the official bug spotter (and sometimes killer) in the house
    Who puts up with him tearing up the furniture: Leah Palnik, Marketing Manager

    Buster Brown Hardman

    Buster Brown Hardman
    Why he’s known as a Romeo: he loves snuggling, giving kisses, and sleeping in front of the fireplace
    Who hooks him up with the best tuna fish: Nicole Hardman, Senior Carrier Procurement Representative and Brian Hardman, Senior Account Representative

    Hank Bowers

    Hank Bowers
    Guilty pleasures: sniffing everything, chewing rawhides, and watching Mr. Ed
    Who makes sure he’s always ready to celebrate: Joe Bowers, Account Representative

    Zion and Marley Horst

    Zion and Marley Horst
    Most important duty: Keeping watch for the local wildlife and singing the songs of their people
    Who rescued them 7 years ago: Allison Horst, Senior Carrier Procurement Representative

    Harry Pupper Maye

    Harry Pupper Maye
    What he’s really good at: forcing you to pet and love him
    Who is more than happy to pet and love on him: Brenden Maye, Account Representative

    Charlie Rinaldi

    Charlie Rinaldi
    What makes him happy: eating everything he’s not supposed to and going for rides
    Who lets him take the wheel on the RZR: Andrya Rinaldi, Account Representative

    Canelo Villela

    Canelo Villela
    How he likes to roll: by playing with the kids and neighborhood police officers at the park
    Who loves this little escape artist: Damaris Villela, Customer Service Representative

    Jovie and Bella Hammersmith

    Jovie and Bella Hammersmith
    How Jovie likes to chill: with her friends Sammy the squirrel, Manny the chipmunk, and Hopper the rabbit
    How Bella spends her free time: by cuddling and being a love bug
    Who spoils them: Jennifer Hammersmith, Customer Service Manager

    Chunky Diamond

    Chunky Diamond
    Super skill: Destroying chew-toys
    Who thinks he’s really good at cuddling: Tyler Diamond, Account Representative

    Leroy Brown Schramm

    Leroy Brown Schramm
    Claim to fame: running up to 13 miles with his mom and stealing food off of dinner plates
    Who is happy to put a roof over his head: Laura Schramm, Office Manager

    Frankie, Bobbi, Ozzie, Cribbs, Dudley, and Jonah Centa

    The “Centa Farm” – Frankie, Bobbi, Ozzie, Cribbs, Dudley, and Jonah Centa
    Cribbs’ special skills: swatting at the dogs, drinking water from human cups, and being the namesake of the great Joshua Cribbs
    Bobbi’s (very) hidden talent: rarely being seen by anyone
    Ozzie’s favorite way to get around: in Dudley’s mouth
    Dudley’s M.O.: counter surfing for food and stealing hotdogs from children
    Jonah’s claim to fame: being the bark-o-matic 5,000 because he barks at anything and everything
    Frankie’s prize winning talent: being a prize from the county fair and being named after the great Francisco Lindor
    Who had the genius idea to name them all after Cleveland sports legends: Harry Centa, Senior Program Manager

    Looking for a rewarding career that will make your pet proud? We're hiring!
    join our team!

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  • Ask a CTB: Your Shipping Questions Answered

    08/21/2018 — Jen Deming

    Ask a CTB As part of an ongoing effort to be the ultimate shipping resource for our customers, we've compiled the most common shipping questions and had them answered by one of our CTB freight shipping experts, me! My name is Jen Deming and I've been with PartnerShip for 3.5 years. In that time, I feel like I've pretty much seen it all. Through my own personal experience, I've worked with all kinds of shippers - from newbie to veteran. I can help answer your most pressing shipping questions and help give you a better understanding of the shipping industry.

    First up, it's back to basics: What is a CTB? And what's a 3PL, for that matter? Most importantly, should YOU be working with one? CTB stands for "Certified Transportation Broker", and is an industry certification developed by TIA (Transportation Intermediary Association) to increase the professionalism and integrity of the freight brokerage industry. Areas of study include general business principles, traffic management best practices (for shipment, claims, fleet, and international traffic management), contracts and pricing, regulatory principles, and case law.

    A freight broker is someone who assists shippers with finding qualified carriers to haul available loads, and works within a 3PL (third party logistics) organization by outsourcing shipping and logistics services. These individuals facilitate the relationships between the carrier and the shipper, and will negotiate rates with carriers, arrange the transportation, schedule pick-ups, provide follow-up on tracking, and will often offer claims assistance for loss or damage on behalf of shipper. A freight broker should serve as a shipper's strongest advocate, and is a great resource for expert shipping advice.

    There are many advantages to working with a 3PL, such as cost and time savings, additional expertise, and flexibility. A knowledgeable freight broker can custom fit shipping options based on the specific needs of your business. 

    Next up: what's the difference between parcel shipping and freight/LTL? Small package shipments are typically under 70lbs but can go up to 150lbs, and are often shipped in your own boxes or carrier supplied packing materials. The packages are shipped singularly and should not be in excess of 108 inches in length. Small package shipments are subject to dimensional weight pricing, which can get expensive, so it may make more sense to ship via a freight service.

    LTL or less-than-truckload shipping usually consists of multiple boxes or containers stacked on pallets and are over 150lbs. LTL shipments can utilize multiple modes of transportation such as rail or motor truck, and are sent with other shippers' freight to reduce cost. Depending on the length of the shipping lane, often these shipments are loaded, unloaded, and reloaded at multiple stops throughout transit. If you have multiple pallets (6 or more), need shortened transit time, or require enhanced security, it may make sense to use a truckload service instead of LTL.

    Furthermore, what's the difference between LTL and TL? TL (or FTL/Full Truckload) refers to booking a dedicated semi-truck for your shipment, that will not be hauling other cargo along with yours. This option is most economical for shippers who have a very large shipment with multiple pallets, on that requires a lot of space, a high-value and fragile shipment, or one that needs to move at a faster pace. If your business requires strict pick-up windows or appointments for delivery, it may also make sense to work with a dedicated carrier. In the past, I've worked with customers who required set arrival times for pick-up, and though they may not necessitate the ENTIRE space within a 52 ft truck, appreciated the reliability of a dedicated truckload service over an LTL common carrier. Booking a dedicated truck also gives you the option should you need specialized equipment such as a flatbed truck or refrigerated van.

    What is an NMFC/ freight class? How do I know which to use for my shipment? You'd be amazed at the variety of customer's freight shipments that I've worked with. From toy makers to hospital supply distributors, I've shipped the craziest stuff, and they all have a specific freight class or NMFC assigned to the category of shipment. The NMFC, or National Motor Freight Classification, can be rated as low as 50 and as high as 500. The higher you go, the higher the rate for your shipment. And details matter! Whether your work table is wood or plastic, assembled or broken down, each factor can affect the class of the freight. So it's important not to guess or mark whatever class you think may save you a few bucks. Freight reweighs and reclassifications are very real, and you don't want to have a $2,000 bill when you have $200 built into the budget. Your freight broker can be a good resource to determine your shipment's correct class - cutting down on costly errors in the long run.

    What are these "accessorial" charges on my bill? Can I avoid them? My own customers brought me questions about the unanticipated service charges on their freight bills more often than anything else! Accessorials are fees a carrier charges for additional services. Common examples of these include lift-gate services, residential deliveries, inside pick-up/delivery, oversized freight charges, and limited access pick-ups or delivery. The difficulty with these is that the cost of the fees varies by carrier, and while one may determine one location "limited access", a different carrier may not. Your best bet? It's smart to do your research about every service your require before you get your rate quote. Find out if the pick-up location has a dock and a forklift. Know for certain whether your customer's delivery location is a place of business or their own home. Be accurate in your measurement of your shipment's dimensions and weight. Finally, consult your freight broker for any questions you may have about what incurs charges and what doesn't - they are your best advocate!

    Just when you think you have this freight shipping thing figured out, carriers can throw you a curveball. It pays to be vigilant and ask questions of the experts so YOU can be sure you are shipping smarter and staying a step ahead. If you have any questions about your shipping practices, or how the shipping experts and PartnerShip may be able to improve your efficiency and lower your costs, email sales@PartnerShip.com or call 800-599-2902.

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  • PartnerShip Year in Review

    12/22/2015 — Matt Nagel

    With 2015 coming to a close, PartnerShip looks back on an amazing year that was highlighted by great people, customers, and carriers! Below is a snapshot of what went into 2015!

    5 white papers developed
    Valuable, free information designed to help you navigate the complicated world of shipping.

    6 potlucks
    The crockpots would be too many to count…

    10 association programs created
    Adding to our over 150 other association programs, PartnerShip brought on 10 new association partners this year – helping their members save on shipping!

    13 new employees hired
    Tony, Robert, Amanda, Tyler, Larry, Zoey, Chelsea, Kim, Dillon, Jen, Jim, Kelly, and Stefanie were brought on board in 2015. Contributing to an already unique culture and helping customers get their important shipments from point A to point B.

    20 Cleveland playoff plates awarded
    Yes, it's as strange as it sounds.

    45 tradeshows
    As you can see, PartnerShip employees spend a good amount of time on the road exhibiting at the tradeshows of our association partners.

    72 blog posts
    Counting this post, that’s over 70 tips, trends, and opinions to keep you informed on the world of shipping.

    594 claims resolved for our customers
    PartnerShip prides itself on being a true partner to our customers. That’s why we’re very proud about successfully resolving almost 600 claims with carriers in our customer’s favor!

    614 white papers downloaded
    The aforementioned white papers were downloaded over 600 times!

    775 carrier partners added
    That’s 775 vetted and reliable carrier options for your shipments!

    3,824 pens given away at tradeshows
    The PartnerShip pen is an important accompaniment to any event or tradeshow.

    17,048 customers served
    Just over 17,000 customers saving on every shipment they send and receive!

    2,202,950 shipments sent
    Whether small package or freight, thank you for using PartnerShip for your shipping needs!

    Thank you for another great year! If you haven't already, take a look at our holiday schedule to plan out your shipping operations for the next couple weeks. As always, feel free to contact PartnerShip at sales@PartnerShip.com or 800-599-2902 if you have any questions! Have a great 2016!

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  • Everyday Heroes - Karen and Amanda

    10/09/2015 — Leah Palnik

    “When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” –Robert Half

    Our customer service professionals know this to be true and always make our customers their top priority. Every day they strive to provide our customers with the best service possible by working hard and being personable.

    Our everyday heroes featured today for Customer Service Week know how to treat the customer the way they’d want to be treated. Following the Golden Rule comes naturally to the members of the PartnerShip customer service team. That’s what makes it so easy to celebrate each of them during this special week. Read below to find out more about our last two customer service heroes.