• New PartnerShip Company Overview Video

    03/25/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Check out the new PartnerShip company overview video. You can also watch this video on the PartnerShip YouTube Channel, along with other recent video productions we have published there - such as CAMEX 2013 customer testimonials, employee team-building activities, and more!

    If you're new to PartnerShip, you can also watch this video on the company overview section of our new PartnerShip.com website. While you're there, you can read more about the company; peruse information on our LTL freight, small package, and tradeshow services; take advantage of shipping resources and tips; buy discounted shipping supplies; get a free quote; and create an account if you'd like access to our easy-to-use, online freight management tools.

    I hope you enjoy the video. Please contact us at any time if you have any feedback or questions.

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  • Quick Poll: Who Are You Cheering For?

    03/20/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Go Team PartnerShipThe 2013 NCAA March Madness Men's Basketball Tournament officially began last night. Whether you're cheering for your alma mater, your favorite university, or simply your favorite mascot, we'd love to know who you are rooting for to win it all.

    Submit your answer to the simple poll question below and when you are done, you can see how all of the other PartnerShip employees and customers responded. Good luck ... and go green!

    By the way, if you missed it, please check out our blog post from yesterday on the PartnerShip Final Four of Shipping Services. Better yet, enter your email address under the "Subscribe Here" heading in the right column and you'll never miss out on our updates!

    The survey is currently closed.

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  • Your Final Four of Shipping Services!

    03/19/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Final Four of ShippingIt's March Madness all across the United States! And while you're rooting for your team to make the Final Four, we'd like to remind you that the PartnerShip "final four" of shipping services is a sure fire way to score great savings on your transportation spend.

    • LTL Freight Shipping ... this is your #1 seed to great service, quality carriers and super savings. When you ship LTL freight shipments with PartnerShip, you can shop rates across reputable carriers (not too many, not too few) with whom we have core carrier alliances. That means you know the service will be great, and that PartnerShip will help you with any part of the process - from completing a bill of lading to tracking a shipment. If you're not yet a PartnerShip customer, ask us for a free, no-obligation shipping analysis to see if we can help you save money.
    • Tradeshow Shipping ... plays in the same conference as your LTL Freight Shipping. That means, once again - quality carriers, great prices and friendly help throughout the entire process. You also get our exclusive Tradeshow Assurance Guaranteeâ„¢, which means you'll never be left standing in an empty booth space at your show. And, same as with LTL Freight Shipping, you get an audited, consolidated invoice with flexible payment terms and methods. If you're ready to try us out, let us give you a no-obligation free quote for your next show.
    • Small Package Shipping ... your top seed for small package services can be addressed with select FedEx® services, available to qualified businesses that are members of an association or trade group with a shipping program managed by PartnerShip. Like our other services, small package shipping comes free with no obligation. And with over 20 year of experience, we can help you get setup quickly and hassle-free. Contact us to see if you business qualifies for one of our small package shipping programs.
    • Specialized Solutions ... the dark-horse among your PartnerShip final four is an area that we call specialized solutions. With small business in mind, we continue to develop specialized solutions that are geared towards helping our customers be more successful in all facets of shipping and logistics. This includes inbound management, online freight management tools, special projects, storage services, moving services, dicounted shipping supplies, marketing services, and more. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about our specialized solutions - or even if there are other services you'd like us to offer in the future!

    So there you have it - the PartnerShip final four of shipping services. If you're a fan of March Madness - best of luck to you and the team for which you are rooting. And when it comes to shipping, know that PartnerShip is rooting to make you a winner each and every day!

    Scott G Frederick

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  • Early Feedback Positive on the new PartnerShip.com Website

    03/15/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Website Survey IconOn February 4, PartnerShip introduced a new and improved PartnerShip.com website. Since our website is an important communications and freight management tool for our customers, we asked for feedback from the first group of customers to log in and use the website to its fullest extent during the first 30 days since its introduction.

    Over 18% of the customers responded to our survey, and we received some great feedback and thoughtful comments as a result. Here are some of the highlights based on the overall responses:

    • Almost 95% of the respondents rated the new website as either "Good" or "Excellent" in terms of overall design and ease-of-use (left chart below).
    • Our Rate Quote tool received the highest ratings, with 56% of the respondents saying "I love it!"
    • Beyond just the website, over 90% of the respondents said they were either "Satisfied" or "Extremely Satisfied" with PartnerShip services in general, with almost two-thirds saying "Extremely Satisfied" (right chart below).
    • One-third of the respondents said they would be open to helping us "test or evaluate" new website features and tools in the future (thank you!).

    Website Survey Charts

    While the majority of feedback was extremely positive, we did receive some good, constructive criticism as well, such as adding the ability to "Log In" from the home page (this is going in today, so check it out), improving our Track Shipment details (some enhancements have been made since the survey; more to come), and helping customers determine the correct NMFC Freight Classification (look for a new form to help with that soon).

    If you missed the opportunity to provide us with feedback on the new website, feel free to click the button below and provide us with feedback or suggestions at any time. Otherwise, if you haven't already done so, we'd love for you to create an account with us and log in to our website to check out our great freight rates and shipping tools.

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  • Minute To Win It - Employee Team Building Activity

    03/13/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Minute To Win ItLast week Thursday the PartnerShip employees at our Cleveland/Westlake, Ohio office participated in a fun, team-building activity. The event was organized by Brad Alflen, director of sales and customer service for PartnerShip. As part of the event, eight four-person teams competed in six "Minute To Win It" challenges. Each team was awarded one point for every team member that successfully completed a challenge. In the end, two teams tied with 10 points each and had to square off in a sudden-death elimination challenge.

    Congratulations to Bryan, Laura, Lauren and Lexi for being the winning team in the competition!

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  • Shipping Programs Help Associations Bring Value to Members

    03/08/2013 — Matt Nagel

    Association MembersAs we wrote in recent blog post on association membership dues, powerful forces are changing the traditional association model. Now more than ever it is imperative that associations rationalize their programs and services to ensure they are bringing the greatest value to their members.

    PartnerShip shipping programs help associations bring value to its members by providing them with discounted, high-quality shipping services that most small businesses want and need. PartnerShip shipping programs provide members access to world class carriers, including FedEx®, UPS Freight®, YRC Freight®, and Con-way Freight®, among othersIn an increasingly competitive industry, more and more members are asking their associations for services and solutions to help them to be successful — and PartnerShip programs provide them with real, tangible savings that translate to the bottom line of their business.

    Our programs combine simplicity, cost savings and unparalleled support to help associations meet that challenge. We value long term relationships and work diligently to exceed the expectations of our association clients and their members.

    We recently created the short SlideShare presentation shown below to summarize the key components of our programs. Feel free to check it out. If you are an association leader - or if you are member of an association and you'd like your association to provide you with this benefit, you can use our Build Program form on PartnerShip.com to request more information.

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