• Happy 3-Year Anniversary to the PartnerShip Irvine, CA Office!

    04/16/2013 — Scott Frederick

    This past week, the PartnerShip Irvine, California office celebrated its 3rd anniversary! The office was opened in April 2010 as a way for PartnerShip to stay in close contact with its customers located in the West. The office also allows us to provide both live and live chat sales and customer support from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET (or 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT).

    Today, the office is supported by senior account representatives, Dave Rehker and Sarah Conklin-Boone; account representative Anthony Abad-Santos; and customer service representative Brittnie Pham. Together this team provides personalized service to our customers located in the Southwest and Northwest.

    Congratulations to our West Coast Team, here's to many more anniversaries in the future!

    PartnerShip Irvine CA Office

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  • Your PartnerShip Starting Lineup

    04/10/2013 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Starting Lineup CardI came across an interesting blog post written by a friend the other day titled the "Starting Lineup for a Winning Creative Team"; and it got me thinking about how PartnerShip fields it's own version of a winning team each and every day. One of the true benefits of working with PartnerShip is that all of our customers are supported by a dedicated regional team. So, with the spirit of the new baseball season in mind, here is your PartnerShip starting lineup:

    1. Account Representative (AR) ... this is your leadoff hitter and your single point of contact for any need you may have. Your AR can help you with things like getting an LTL freight quote, tracking a shipment, or getting you setup with a PartnerShip.com username and password.
    2. Senior Account Representative (SAR) ... following your leadoff hitter is an experienced, transportation professional who will serve as backup to your AR. Your SAR can help you with more in-depth needs, like performing a free shipping analysis to determine if you are optimizing your savings. 
    3. Customer Service Representative (CSR) ... your dedicated CSR is available for your day-to-day customer service needs. Whether through Live Chat or over the phone, your CSR can help you track shipments or address your general questions. If you are a part of our small package shipping program, your CSR can also help you with express and ground shipping services. 
    4. Senior Tradeshow Account Representative (STAR) ... batting cleanup when you need it is your STAR. Your STAR can help you get a quote on any exhibit or tradeshow shipments you might have. If you're new to exhibiting, they will have the expertise to help you through the entire process, ensuring you the peace-of-mind that you will enjoy a successful show.
    5. Tradeshow Account Representative (TAR) ... your TAR works hand-in-hand with your STAR to ensure your tradeshow shipment is tracked from origin to the show; and then tracked back again after the show. They will also assist with you with no-obligation free quotes when you need them, as well as the shipping paperwork needed for your carrier. For many shows, the TAR (or STAR) will be on-site to provide an extra level of coordination and support.
    6. Customer Service Manager (CSM) ... the CSM is here to provide back-up to your CSR for any customer service need you have. If your CSR cannot help you, or if they are unavailable, chances are that our CSM will jump in to ensure you have a great customer experience with PartnerShip.
    7. Area Sales Manager (ASM) ... similar to the CSM, your ASM is here to support your AR and SAR, and to provide you with yet another option for service resolution if you need it. The ASM may also participate in meetings you have with your AR or SAR to help build our  relationship with you, and make sure we are looking out for your best interests.
    8. Director, Sales & Customer Services (DSCS) ... the DSCS is the head coach for your dedicated regional team. He'll often be in the dugout working on strategy and game plans, but he's still there if you need him. After all, we're a lean and nimble team - and even our managers can be position players when needed.
    9. Bench Players ... the final spot on your starting roster can be filled from any or all of our remaining bench staff. From our general manager (the president and COO), to our specialty utility players (like our marketing, operations, or quality assurance personnel) - you can rest assured that you will get personalized service from passionate, friendly people dedicated to your success!

    Not sure who's part of your core, dedicated regional team? Visit our online regional map. Find your location and click the region for a PDF document with pictures and contact information for your dedicated starting lineup. Now play ball!


    Scott G Frederick

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  • PartnerShip is Your Freight Headquarters

    04/08/2013 — Matt Nagel

    Freight WarehousePartnerShip has long promoted the fact that we are a "freight headquarters" for our customers - most of whom are small- or medium-sized businesses. Based on past performance, and some cool new tools, I think we do a good job of backing up that statement. Here are a few reasons why we feel like this is an accurate statement, and why we are a good choice for small businesses looking for a freight partner:

    • To begin with, if you are asking yourself "what is LTL shipping" or if you are new to freight shipping in general, we provide some basic "New to LTL Freight Shipping" and "New to Exhibiting" tips for neophyte shippers and exhibitors.
    • We provide our customers with a reasonable variety of reputable freight carrier and tradeshow carrier options. Because we have such strong alliances with fewer carriers, we're able to leverage those relationships for the best possible pricing and experience for our customers.
    • New customers can easily get a free LTL freight quote or tradeshow quote on our website (we respond quickly with our best price, and full support); and our existing customers can quickly rate shop across our variety of carriers using our customized online rate quote tool.
    • We also help businesses find their freight class - just submit a simple form and a PartnerShip representative will quickly consult a freight class chart to determine the correct classification for your freight.
    • Whether you create the bill of lading and call the carrier yourself, or if you have one of our representatives do that for you, all of your shipments can then be tracked online or viewed in aggregate using our Shipment History reporting tool.
    • In the rare event you run into an issue with a shipment, you can rest easy knowing that PartnerShip has industry-leading liability coverage, and that we will help you with any claims paperwork that may be necessary.
    • Do any inbound shipping? We have that covered as well, with complete vendor list and routing management tools and services.
    • Once all of your shipments have been created, we help streamline the administrative process by providing audited and consolidated invoicing with flexible payment terms and methods.

    If you'd like a more visual-tour of our LTL freight services, feel free to page through the short presentation below. If you ship LTL freight and you're still not convinced, I encourage you to take advantage of our Free Shipping Analysis service. We'll review some of your past shipments or invoices and tell you straight-up whether we can help you save money on your shipping. But that's what you should expect from your freight headquarters!
















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