• 5 Things That PartnerShip Loves

    02/13/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip HeartValentine's Day is tomorrow, so we here at PartnerShip are feeling extra affectionate this week (in a business professional sort of way, of course). So as many of you convey a little love to your spouses, significant others or family members ... we'd like to convey a few things that we really love here at PartnerShip:

    • Our Customers ... we really do love all of our customers, big and small, since we wouldn't be here without you! Thank you again for helping us reach our 25th Anniversary milestone this year!
    • Small Businesses... although we cater to small businesses — in our minds, there is no such thing as a —small customer.' We strive to treat each customer as if they were our only customer by showing them respect, and helping them save time and money in all facets shipping.
    • Freight Shipping ... from less-than-truckloads (LTL) to full truckloads - and everything in between. We have great freight carrier partners (such as UPS Freight, YRC Freight, Con-way Freight, and many others) and we enjoy working with them to provide great service and rates to our customers.
    • Small Package Shipping ... when it comes to shipping small packages through express, parcel, and ground services - whether B2B or home delivery - we know how to help our customers save money. And we love the fact that we have a great alliance in place which helps our small business customers save on select FedEx® services
    • Tradeshow Shipping ... having been founded by a non-profit association ourselves, we know how important tradeshows can be for associations, their members, and the suppliers that exhibit at them. With a quarter-century of tradeshow experience, we've learned a thing or two - including how to help exhibitors enjoy a successful, stress-free show by providing the industry's only Tradeshow Assurance Guarantee™ on every shipment.

    There you have it. Five (5) things we love here at PartnerShip. Although we could name many more things that we love, we'll stop there so that you have some time to show a little love to that someone special yourself. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • Top Blog Posts of 2013

    02/06/2014 — Matt Nagel

    Your Shipping ConnectionThis post concludes our — Top Lists of 2013 ... and what better way to end than by sharing some of our favorite posts from last year! Although we always strive to bring our readers relevant content, designed to inform, educate, and entertain, we went through our previous year of posting and picked some stand-outs.

    Below, in order of date, are some of our favorite posts from 2013 for your first reading — or repeat reading — pleasure:

    • The 'Golden Rule' for 3PL Customer Service — I stumbled upon an article today written a while back by John Rodeheffer of Inbound Logistics. The article is titled "Does Your 3PL Provide 'Golden Rule' Customer Service?" It caught my eye because PartnerShip, being somewhat of a 3PL ourselves, aspires to provide excellent service to our customer's day in and day out.
    • The Future of Membership Dues for Associations — ;Steven Hacker (CAE and former president of IAEE) asks the question: Should the traditional membership-dues model be altered? He cites a few examples of where the National Education Association has lost 100,000 members since 2010; the American Psychological Association has lost 7.6% of its members since 2010; and the American Medical Association now represents only 17% of physicians in the United States.
    • The New PartnerShip.com Website is Now Live! — The new PartnerShip.com website offers quick and easy access to company information, services, tools, and resources. Customers or prospective customers can obtain free, no-obligation rate quotes for their LTL freight, tradeshow, or specialized shipments from anywhere on the site.
    • 4 Ideas to Reduce Shipping Costs — Shipping is an important cost factor for any small business that ships or receives materials or merchandise. It is often possible to reduce these costs with a little planning and effort.
    • A 3PL Marketer's Take on — Shipping Your Pants' — K-Mart launched an incredibly popular campaign-gone-viral advertisement encouraging customers to —Ship their Pants.' While I don't feel the commercial is especially creative in terms of content, the low-brow humor is undeniable.
    • What You Need to Know About Shipping Internationally — Going global with your business is a great opportunity for growth. Whether you've already taken your business overseas or have just started to dip your toes in the international waters, simplifying your shipping is essential for keeping your business afloat.
    • Best practices for shipping your freight - before, during, and after
      • Before Shipping Your Freight — As a small business, we know your time is valuable and your resources can be stretched. The good news is that partnering with a 3PL can save you significantly when it comes to money and time spent on shipping for your business
      • What to do While Your Freight is in Transit — Your shipment has been picked up … now what? While there isn't much for you to do now that your freight is out the door, there are a few actions you can take to keep an eye on your shipment and speed up the process for next time.
      • What to do Once Your Freight has Arrived at its Destination — Your freight shipment has been created, shipped, and tracked. The shipment has now arrived at its destination and you're ready to complete the final steps in the freight shipping process.'
    • How Commercial Trucking Changed the World (Guest Blog Post)— The commercial trucking industry revolutionized the transportation of products when it arrived on the scene. Before trucks were used for transport, America's goods were shipped via railroads. However, trucks would soon prove to be faster and more efficient.
    • How to Effectively Offer Free Shipping — As a consumer, free shipping is great — who doesn't love free? But as a small business trying to find your place in the wide world of e-commerce, it can be a little intimidating.
    • Shipping Best Practices for Online Retailers — Shipping is a very important component of the online sale process and a key part to your ecommerce success.

    That's it - our favorites of 2013! If you haven't already done so, subscribe to our blog by clicking the below button to ensure you don't miss another post in 2014. If you come across some favorite posts of your own, let us know which one(s) and why in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and following PartnerShip!

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  • Top Trade Shows of 2013

    02/05/2014 — Matt Nagel

    Trade ShowsWe attend dozens of trade shows every year to spread the good word about PartnerShip and the savings and shipping solutions we provide. While each trade show we attend has its own merits, we decided to take a closer look at a few of our favorites from 2013:

    • The Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows - Held in San Francisco and New York City respectively, these Specialty Food Association managed shows offer specialty food businesses a chance to sample newest trends, products, and training in their industry. The show features 1,300 exhibitors representing the latest in specialty foods and beverages from across the U.S. and 35 countries and regions. As exhibitors at both, we are very active at these shows and we even received some video testimonials about our services in New York.
    • Summer and Winter NAMM — A music lover's dream, the NAMM shows bring together some of the most fascinating and talented businesses in the music industry to Anaheim (Winter NAMM) and Nashville (Summer NAMM) each year. Both NAMM shows do a great job of providing a platform for their exhibitors to build their brand, show their products, and reach their customers. Again, we had a chance to attend and get a first-hand video account of customers who are very satisfied with the shipping services through PartnerShip.
    • CAMEX — Managed and organized by the National Association of College Stores (NACS), the non-profit association that owns PartnerShip, CAMEX is the quintessential show for college retailers and suppliers. Every year PartnerShip is an active participant at CAMEX, from our large booth presence, to the various happy hours and parties we sponsor. CAMEX 2013 was held in Kansas City where a winter storm threatened to put a damper on the show for exhibitors, but PartnerShip came to the rescue!
    • ASTRA Marketplace & Academy - Located in Nashville in 2013, the show is a great place for retailers in the toy industry to network and explore the newest toys and products.  The ASTRA Marketplace & Academy attracts owners, managers, and sales representatives from retail stores that sell or specialize in toys, children's books, hobby supplies, and more.
    • 58th MSA Retail Conference and Expo - As the only event designed specifically for buyers at cultural institutions, the event took place in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Along with providing a great networking opportunity, the conference provides attendees with educational programming on current industry topics and trends. 
    • NATM Convention & Trade Show — Held in Charleston, SC, this show supports the association's mission to unify the light- and medium-duty trailer manufacturing industry by offering educational tools and workshops to their members. NATM, the association that manages the show, constantly strives to improve trailer safety and performance, address regulatory issues, and improve the image of the industry. Main attractions of the show are their numerous educational workshops covering a wide range of topics including compliance, trailer parts, customer service, and social media.
    • ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition — A trade show by and for association professionals, this show was held in Atlanta, GA. The 2013 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition offered ways to help association executives transform ideas into solutions with more than 120 innovative learning sessions. Take a look at the ASAE YouTube page for a closer look at the event.

    With 2013 behind us, the good news is that we won't have to wait long for another chance to rub shoulders with industry experts, exhibitors, and attendees at these and other world class shows in 2014. We hope to see you at one of the shows above - or maybe at one of the dozens of others we attend and support throughouth the year.

    Check back tomorrow for our Top PartnerShip Blog Posts of 2013

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  • Top Association Blogs of 2013

    02/04/2014 — Matt Nagel

    BloggingAssociations are continually bringing value to their membership through various channels. Blogs have emerged as a real-time, informational tool to get insights, important news, and just plain fun articles to readers. We've read a lot of great association blogs in the past year, and here are some of our favorites.

    In no particular order, below are some top association blogs of 2013:

    • Speaking of Precision by the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) — This blog gets to the root of member needs and tailors their content to serve as a steady flow of important, useful articles.
    • StoneDimensions by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) — StoneDimension has a ‘rock-solid' reputation for hard hitting news.
    • The NAPL/NAQP Blog by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) & the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP) — Everything their membership could want in a clean, easy to read format.
    • All Voices by InfoComm International — As an international trade association of professional audiovisual and information communications industries, this blog is penned by a group of industry experts.
    • NATMTRAILERS by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) — A blog that promotes awareness and provides a voice for their membership.
    • NBAA Flight Plan by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) — Not a traditional blog, but a series of podcasts that features aviation news and information for members constantly ‘taking off'.
    • On Display by the Museum Store Association (MSA) — This blog knows what readers are looking for — quick hitting tips, packed with knowledge!
    • Practically Speaking about Retail FM by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) — Education, information, event info, and much more - all tailored to North America's facility maintenance focused retailers and suppliers.
    • SMEI Blog by the Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) — Posts ranging from content curation, to sales performance initiatives, and everything in-between. This blog covers something that all businesses take an interest in.
    • APSS Executive Director's Blog by the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) — A steady stream of news, tips, and insights from the Executive Director himself!

    Thank you to all the above blogs and the other great ones that may have been left out here. As bloggers ourselves, we appreciate the high standards you set and hope you've enjoyed our posts as much as we've enjoyed yours!

    Check back tomorrow for the Top Trade Shows of 2013

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  • Top 10 Additions and Improvements in 2013

    02/03/2014 — Matt Nagel

    PartnerShip.comAt PartnerShip, we understand that in addition to significant savings on shipping, it's important to offer customers straight-forward, easy-to-use, and useful tools to help with day-to-day tasks. This is why we take great pride in our web tools and services, and we're constantly working to improve and roll out new money-saving options!

    Below is a quick review of some of the highlights from 2013:

    1. Website Launch — PartnerShip did a complete overhaul of our website this year and every upgrade in functionality or new service on this list is a direct result of this overarching improvement.
    2. Guaranteed Carrier Options — Customers of PartnerShip now have the ability to quote guaranteed carrier options on PartnerShip.com.
    3. Shipping Supplies — Offering low prices and the ability to order low quantities of shipping supplies you use every day.
    4. PartnerShip Referral Program — If you enjoy working with PartnerShip, we provide the opportunity to refer another business and earn money for that referral!
    5. Inbound Shipping Analysis — Saving on your inbound shipping is one of the easiest and most effective ways to positively impact your bottom line. Let our experts analize your current shipping habits and save you money on any shipments you may receive from suppliers.
    6. Live Chat — Being available to help our customers at a moments notice is of the upmost importance to us. Our new Live Chat feature better connects us to you.
    7. Find a Freight Class — Freight class can be one of the more tricky nuances of freight shipping. That's why we instituted this useful tool to help alleviate any confusion.
    8. Employee Directory — Meet the team working for you and put a face to the name.
    9. Regional Team Map — Like the employee directory, the regional map allows you to put a face to the name/voice you've been working with. But it also allows you to see the entire team dedicated specifically to the part of the country you operate out of.
    10. Social Media Additions — PartnerShip has been utilizing social media for some time, but recently we've delved into new platforms to showcase our company and interact with you. New channels include: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, and even Yelp!

    If you haven't yet used or taken a look at any of the above items, be sure to check them out. We can't wait to dive into 2014 with a whole new list of enhancements, services, and tools to make your life easier and save your business money!

    Check back tomorrow for our Top Association Blogs of 2013

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