• How to Accept Freight and Handle Claims

    08/28/2015 — Leah Palnik

    Knowing how to properly check your inbound freight can save you from a big headache when handling any resulting claims. To help you understand exactly what you need to do in these situations, we’ve developed a new white paper on how to accept freight and handle claims. You’ll learn:

    • What procedures to follow when receiving freight
    • How to check for damages or shortages
    • How to make notations on the delivery receipt
    • The steps you need to take to file a claim
    • How to improve your inbound shipping management

    Click here to download the white paper!

    If you receive shipments from your vendors, this white paper is a must-read. For more educational resources, visit PartnerShip.com/WhitePapers.

    When you work with PartnerShip, you benefit from the personalized attention of a dedicated account representative who can provide you with routing management, claims assistance, and the competitive freight rates your business needs. Request a free inbound shipping analysis today by visiting PartnerShip.com/InboundAnalysis.

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