How to Manage Customer Returns with FedEx

10/15/2015 — Leah Palnik

If you’re in the e-commerce game, you know that a certain amount of returns is inevitable – especially around the holidays. FedEx® return shipping services make it easy to manage customer returns. Here are a few of the return services you can take advantage of:

FedEx Print Return Label
With this option you can create and print a return label with FedEx Ship Manager®, and then include it either in the original shipment to your customer or in a separate correspondence. No charges are assessed until the label is used. 

FedEx Email Return Label
Instead of printing the return label and sending it to your customer, you can simply have it emailed. The customer receives an email with a link and barcode which allows them to access the label and print it themselves if needed. 

FedEx Express® Billable Stamps
FedEx Express Billable Stamps take the place of airbills and the recipient's information is conveniently preprinted on the stamp. No charges are assessed until the stamp is used. 

FedEx Express® Prepaid Stamps
These prepaid labels allow you to allocate shipping costs and specify a FedEx delivery service upfront, letting you control and plan for return costs.

FedEx Ground® Package Returns Program
FedEx Ground Package Returns Program simplifies returns for your customers. You provide your customer with a preprinted return label and they can schedule the pickup, without being charged a pickup fee. 

FedEx Express Tag®
For express shipments, FedEx will create and deliver return shipping labels to your customer and collect the item for return. You can then schedule the express return pickup. 

FedEx Ground® Call Tag
With this ground return pickup option, FedEx creates and delivers the return label to your customer, and then collects the item for the ground return pickup.

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