• PartnerShip Launches a Truckload Load Board

    04/28/2015 — Matt Nagel

    PartnerShip continues to develop PartnerShip.com with our customers and carrier partners in mind. Recently, we launched the PartnerShip Load Board that provides better visibility to the available truckload shipments from PartnerShip customers to PartnerShip carriers. PartnerShip connects the best national, regional, and local carriers with businesses for all of their truckload needs. The board provides carriers with information about the load, like equipment needed and whether it’s a full and partial load, as well as the origin and destination of the shipment. Best of all, this load board is completely free to view at anytime - no logging in or information is needed to view the available loads.

    Carriers are encouraged to inquire about any loads by calling PartnerShip at 800-599-2902 option 2. The loads are only available to PartnerShip vetted and approved carriers. To become a core partner carrier please contact one of our Carrier Procurement Representatives for a setup packet at carriers@PartnerShip.com or visit our Becoming a PartnerShip Carrier web page.

    Click here to visit the PartnerShip Load Board today!

    Below are the truckload shipments that are available today, but be sure to check the page often for new opportunities:

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  • New And Improved Freight Quote Form

    03/27/2014 — Scott Frederick

    Yesterday PartnerShip released a new and improved freight quote form. The new form makes it easier for our customers to get a free, no-obligation rate quote for a variety of freight shipping needs, including:

    • LTL Shipments ... for standard or guaranteed less-than-truckload freight shipments (typically between 150 and 4,999 pounds).
    • Tradeshow Shipments ... for exhibit freight shipments going to or from a tradeshow, conference, or expo - or to the advanced warehouse.
    • Expedited Shipments ... for shipments that require faster transit times, or time-definite delivery.
    • Truckload Shipments ... for partial truckloads (sometimes called volume shipments) and full truckloads.


    The new form reflects the growing demand that PartnerShip customers have for freight services that go beyond standard LTL shipments. Over the past few months, PartnerShip has expanded its carrier alliances to include dozens of new and reputable service providers that specialize in full truckloads, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers, time-definite delivery, and international shipments. Now our small business customers can quickly access these capabilities at very competitive rates using a single, quick and easy-to-use form.

    If you're already a PartnerShip customer, then make sure you log in first before using the new quote forms to ensure a very personalized experience (and saving you some keystrokes along the way). If you're not sure what shipment type you have, you can always start with the —LTL Freight Quote' option. If your shipment is truly an LTL freight shipment, you will instantly get our lowest prices for standard and guaranteed delivery services with the industry's most reputable carriers. If your shipment qualifies for tradeshow, expedited or truckload pricing, then your information will be carried over to a new form to complete the request. Of course, if you know you have a tradeshow, expedited, or truckload shipment, you can now go directly to that form and immediately start the quote process.

    Whether you're new to PartnerShip, or one of our many loyal customers, we encourage you to use the new PartnerShip rate quote forms for all of your freight shipping needs. Of course, you can still reach out to us over the phone, via email or through live chat if you prefer. In every case, you can always expect great rates, consolidated billing, easy-to-use tools, and friendly service from PartnerShip - your shipping connection.

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  • Users of PartnerShip.com Website Give High Ratings

    03/04/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Website SurveyThe new and improved PartnerShip.com website recently celebrated its one year anniversary (after being re-designed and re-launched Feb 4, 2013). Now that the cake is gone and the balloons are empty - it's time to focus on making more improvements.

    To get updated ratings and input from our customers, we recently polled the many users that log in and use PartnerShip.com tools on a regular basis. Since our customers' time is precious, we threw in the added incentive of a $50 gift card which we randomly awarded to one of the survey respondents. Congratulations to Tammara at Marauder Bookstore for being our lucky winner.

    Overall we had a very good response to the survey with a great cross-section of businesses located all across North America. We received some good quantitative and qualitative feedback from the survey which will help us ensure we are making the right adjustments and improvements to PartnerShip.com going forward. Although the survey results are proprietary to our management team, here are a few take-a-ways we can share publicly:

    • 52% of the respondents think the website is "Excellent" overall, while another 45% think the website is "Good"
    • Additionally, 64% of the respondents are "Extremely Satisfied" with PartnerShip services, while another 32% are "Satisfied"
    • The PartnerShip Home page, navigation and resources were viewed favorably by most respondents, while many of our secured Tools received exceptionally high grades
    • Most respondents felt the website was simple and easy-to-use, and that being able to quickly obtain rate quotes for multiple carriers and services, and then create the needed shipment documentation, were the highlights
    • Ideas for improvements included being able to submit instant pickup requests to carriers online, enhancing tracking details, and adding more shipment history reporting features (I'm happy to report, many of these enhancements are in development as I write this blog post)

    The feedback, suggestions and ratings in this most recent website survey will definitely help point us in the right direction - so thank you to those who participated! If you missed out on the survey, feel free to send a note to marketing@PartnerShip.com with your feedback, suggestions, testimonials, or complaints at any time.

    Scott G Frederick

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  • Top 10 Additions and Improvements in 2013

    02/03/2014 — Matt Nagel

    PartnerShip.comAt PartnerShip, we understand that in addition to significant savings on shipping, it's important to offer customers straight-forward, easy-to-use, and useful tools to help with day-to-day tasks. This is why we take great pride in our web tools and services, and we're constantly working to improve and roll out new money-saving options!

    Below is a quick review of some of the highlights from 2013:

    1. Website Launch — PartnerShip did a complete overhaul of our website this year and every upgrade in functionality or new service on this list is a direct result of this overarching improvement.
    2. Guaranteed Carrier Options — Customers of PartnerShip now have the ability to quote guaranteed carrier options on PartnerShip.com.
    3. Shipping Supplies — Offering low prices and the ability to order low quantities of shipping supplies you use every day.
    4. PartnerShip Referral Program — If you enjoy working with PartnerShip, we provide the opportunity to refer another business and earn money for that referral!
    5. Inbound Shipping Analysis — Saving on your inbound shipping is one of the easiest and most effective ways to positively impact your bottom line. Let our experts analize your current shipping habits and save you money on any shipments you may receive from suppliers.
    6. Live Chat — Being available to help our customers at a moments notice is of the upmost importance to us. Our new Live Chat feature better connects us to you.
    7. Find a Freight Class — Freight class can be one of the more tricky nuances of freight shipping. That's why we instituted this useful tool to help alleviate any confusion.
    8. Employee Directory — Meet the team working for you and put a face to the name.
    9. Regional Team Map — Like the employee directory, the regional map allows you to put a face to the name/voice you've been working with. But it also allows you to see the entire team dedicated specifically to the part of the country you operate out of.
    10. Social Media Additions — PartnerShip has been utilizing social media for some time, but recently we've delved into new platforms to showcase our company and interact with you. New channels include: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, and even Yelp!

    If you haven't yet used or taken a look at any of the above items, be sure to check them out. We can't wait to dive into 2014 with a whole new list of enhancements, services, and tools to make your life easier and save your business money!

    Check back tomorrow for our Top Association Blogs of 2013

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  • What to do Once Your Freight has Arrived at its Destination

    09/24/2013 — Matt Nagel

    PalletsYour freight shipment has been created, shipped, and tracked. The shipment has now arrived at its destination and you're ready to complete the final steps in the freight shipping process.

    As you know from my two previous posts, PartnerShip has tailored its website to assist customers before and during shipping. We'll now provide you with some steps for after-shipping best practices.

    Step #1: If the shipment was inbound, check for damaged or missing items.

    As rare as it may occur, it's always a best practice to record and check shipments for shortages, damages, and concealed damages immediately upon delivery.

    If you find an issue with your shipment, here are some guidelines for making sure the problem is properly documented:

    • Always notify your vendor of short or damaged shipments
    • Have the driver precisely document all exceptions on the delivery receipt
    • Contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery date to report concealed shortages or damages
    • Never pay for merchandise not received
    • Always try to have your vendor file the LTL freight claim
    • Claims must be filed within 9 months of delivery date (claims forms for PartnerShip carriers are in the Shipping Forms menu)
    • If you have any questions, call your PartnerShip account representative and they will gladly help you with the freight claims process

    Step #2: Pay your freight invoices.

    If your shipment was sent 3rd party billed through PartnerShip, you have the time-saving option of using PartnerShip.com to view, track and pay your Invoicing online. We've organized your open invoices for easy reference. The Invoicing tool allows you to view invoices by invoice number and pay invoices immediately with a credit card.

    Once your invoices are paid, you can use Payment History to see all of your past invoice payments and transactions.

    Step #3: Keep track of your freight shipments.

    In my last post, you learned that using Shipment History on PartnerShip.com is a great way to view all shipments that are in transit. Now that your freight is no longer in transit, Shipment History is a great way to get a consolidated view of all shipments sent in the past. By using Shipment History as a reporting tool, you're able to search shipments by date and keep track of your shipment frequency and details in one report - no matter how many different freight carriers you may have used through PartnerShip.

    You can also request a personalized Savings Report from PartnerShip.com for your company. Simply choose a monthly or yearly report type and click —submit. A PartnerShip representative will then provide you with a customized report showing you how much you've saved off of the carrier's base rates during that period of time.

    There you have it! You've completed the shipping process and are ready to send another one! Remember, PartnerShip is always here to help you at any stage and with any type of shipment you may need to send. If you haven't already, be sure to click the below button to subscribe to the PartnerShip Connection Blog so you get future updates and tips.

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  • What to do While Your Freight is in Transit

    09/12/2013 — Matt Nagel

    Freight in TransitLast week we talked about what to do before shipping your freight, so now you know the necessary steps to take when setting up and scheduling a LTL freight shipment. You also know that PartnerShip.com provides you with the tools you need to monitor and manage your shipping.

    Let's pick up where we left off last week. Now that your shipment has been picked up … now what? While there isn't much for you to do now that your freight is out the door, there are a few actions you can take to keep an eye on your shipment and speed up the process for next time.

    Step #1: Prepare for future shipments.

    Now that you have a PartnerShip online account, be sure you are fully stocked with Shipping Supplies! You might also consider storing commonly used destinations in your My Address Book and product information you're bound to use again in My Products. This will save you valuable keystrokes on future shipments!

    Not ready to ship? Rate Quote History allows you to keep a record of all your quoting activity and come back to quotes when they are ready to move forward. If you're ready to ship, and your shipment details are identical to a previously quoted shipment, you can also start with Rate Quote History to get an updated rate quote without having to key in the same information all over again.

    Step #2: Track your shipment.

    Use Track Shipment to check the status of your shipment and get an estimated time of delivery (ETA). All you will need is the tracking/pro/or BOL (bill of lading) number and the carrier you used to for your shipment. This tool allows you to track all of the LTL freight shipments you send through PartnerShip, as well your trade show and small package shipments!

    Using Shipment History gives you an expanded view of all your shipments - past and present. This feature is perfect for tracking multiple shipments at once, using specific date ranges. This tool will provide a snap-shot view of all shipments you have in transit and when they are scheduled to arrive.

    Of course, you can also reach out to a member of your PartnerShip dedicated regional team at any time if you have any questions or in the rare event that an issue arises with your shipment while it's in transit.

    Check back next week for steps to take after you've shipped.

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  • Inbound Shipping Resources

    06/04/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Take Control of Your Inbound ShippingSince PartnerShip released its improved inbound management tools on PartnerShip.com, we've have hundreds of current and new customers create new or updated vendor lists through PartnerShip. As we have committed to our customers, each of these vendors receives personalized contact and updated routing instructions from a PartnerShip representative through email, mail and/or telephone.

    If you're still "on the fence" as it relates to gaining control of your inbound shipping, you might want to check out our brand new electronic white paper (or ePaper as we call them) on 4 Steps to Gain Control of Your Inbound Shipping. You can also check out this abbreviated PowerPoint presentation that was recently posted to our SlideShare profile:

    If you need help getting started, you can always request a free, no-obligation Inbound Shipping Analysis from PartnerShip by simply clicking the button below.

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  • PartnerShip is Your Freight Headquarters

    04/08/2013 — Matt Nagel

    Freight WarehousePartnerShip has long promoted the fact that we are a "freight headquarters" for our customers - most of whom are small- or medium-sized businesses. Based on past performance, and some cool new tools, I think we do a good job of backing up that statement. Here are a few reasons why we feel like this is an accurate statement, and why we are a good choice for small businesses looking for a freight partner:

    • To begin with, if you are asking yourself "what is LTL shipping" or if you are new to freight shipping in general, we provide some basic "New to LTL Freight Shipping" and "New to Exhibiting" tips for neophyte shippers and exhibitors.
    • We provide our customers with a reasonable variety of reputable freight carrier and tradeshow carrier options. Because we have such strong alliances with fewer carriers, we're able to leverage those relationships for the best possible pricing and experience for our customers.
    • New customers can easily get a free LTL freight quote or tradeshow quote on our website (we respond quickly with our best price, and full support); and our existing customers can quickly rate shop across our variety of carriers using our customized online rate quote tool.
    • We also help businesses find their freight class - just submit a simple form and a PartnerShip representative will quickly consult a freight class chart to determine the correct classification for your freight.
    • Whether you create the bill of lading and call the carrier yourself, or if you have one of our representatives do that for you, all of your shipments can then be tracked online or viewed in aggregate using our Shipment History reporting tool.
    • In the rare event you run into an issue with a shipment, you can rest easy knowing that PartnerShip has industry-leading liability coverage, and that we will help you with any claims paperwork that may be necessary.
    • Do any inbound shipping? We have that covered as well, with complete vendor list and routing management tools and services.
    • Once all of your shipments have been created, we help streamline the administrative process by providing audited and consolidated invoicing with flexible payment terms and methods.

    If you'd like a more visual-tour of our LTL freight services, feel free to page through the short presentation below. If you ship LTL freight and you're still not convinced, I encourage you to take advantage of our Free Shipping Analysis service. We'll review some of your past shipments or invoices and tell you straight-up whether we can help you save money on your shipping. But that's what you should expect from your freight headquarters!
















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  • The New PartnerShip.com Website is Now Live!

    02/04/2013 — Scott Frederick

    As pre-announced on our blog last fall, the new PartnerShip.com website is now live! The new site was launched today with improved content, navigation, and freight management tools for our customers.

    PartnerShip.com Home Page














    The new PartnerShip.com website offers quick and easy access to company information, services, tools, and resources. Customers or prospective customers can obtain free, no-obligation rate quotes for their LTL freight, tradeshow, or specialized shipments from anywhere on the site. Using the password-protected area of the website, customers can save addresses and products, rate shop reputable carriers, and create bills of lading or shipments. 

    Additionally, new association or trade groups can start the process of building a shipping program for their members by completing a brief online form. Also, individual shippers can quickly create an account to become a PartnerShip customer and start shipping immediately. 

    —With the new PartnerShip.com, all of our tools and information are virtually one click away,' says John Finucane, president and chief operating officer for PartnerShip. —The new design and navigation make it very easy for prospective customers to become active customers, and for existing customers to manage their shipping. Since we're a small business like many of our customers, we understand the need to do things quickly and efficiently. So it was very important that we make the new site simple and easy to use for our customers.' 

    An enhanced resources section on PartnerShip.com provides customers access to white papers, case studies, carrier news, and The PartnerShip Connection Blog. Customers can also engage with PartnerShip through new live chat functionality, and on any one any of our social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    If you'd like, you can download a copy of our PartnerShip.com brochure here. We think you'll enjoy the new look-and-feel of PartnerShip.com. However, we're always looking to improve our website to make it even more valuable for our customers. We'd love to hear your feedaback or suggestions. Just click the button below - we're all ears!

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  • The 'Golden Rule' for 3PL Customer Service

    01/10/2013 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Contact Us PictureI stumbled upon an article today written a while back by John Rodeheffer of Inbound Logistics. The article is titled "Does Your 3PL Provide 'Golden Rule' Customer Service?" It caught my eye because PartnerShip, being somewhat of a 3PL ourselves, aspires to provide excellent service to our customers day in and day out. So I was curious what the author had to say.

    In the article, Mr. Rodeheffer paints a picture of the ideal third-party logistics provider (3PL) that does whatever it takes to fix shipping problems, believes there is no such thing as "just a transaction," and treats every customer interaction as a chance to build a trusting relationship. To achieve such 3PL harmony, he suggests that shippers look for a 3PL that employs the 'Golden Rule' of customers service. Additionally, he offers the following tips for determining if your 3PL values and delivers Golden Rule customer service:

    • Browse the company's Web site. What kind of ethics do the owners say they embrace? Read the Mission and Values statements and check for membership in the local Better Business Bureau and service organizations. Note any local, regional, and even national service awards.

    • Get to know the provider. What kind of experience does your 3PL have? Does it strive to do the right thing in every dicey situation? Does it push to get positive results for customers and live its values in every decision? A corporate culture establishes itself in every company, no matter the size. The best corporate cultures are intentionally cultivated and reinforced by management— from the CEO to the college intern.

    • Consider the provider's communication policies. What communications channels are available when weather, mechanical problems, or road conditions delay shipments? Do you have to babysit your provider and worry about your shipment, or are you kept informed throughout the entire life of a load?

    • Talk to your peers. Ask industry colleagues who they prefer to work with, and what kind of experiences they have had. Have they pulled contracts from the logistics company you work with? Has the 3PL's employees treated others with honesty, integrity, and loyalty? Also talk to carriers. Who do they prefer to take loads from? When a small hauler likes a 3PL, you can bet the company is worth a look.

    The PartnerShip Test

    As I think about these four areas for Golden Rule customer service, I am comforted by the fact that PartnerShip is doing its part to pass every one of these tests. Specifically, we here is how we stack up:

    • PS Live ChatBrowse the PartnerShip.com Web site. While our current site is fairly transparent, I am excited that later this month we will be introducing a brand new PartnerShip.com website that includes a detailed company overview (mission, values, etc.), local and national recognition and affiliations (including top workplace awards Better Business Bureau membership), and a variety of prominent ways for customers to contact us (by form, email, phone, or even live chat).

    • PS Employee DirectoryGet to know PartnerShip. In addition to a detailed company overview, our forthcoming new website will include pictures and contact information for every employee of the company - now that's transparency! We'll also introduce you to our senior management team, and provide you with even more details and tips on the services we provide and how best to access them.

    • PS Contact UsConsider the PartnerShip communication policies. Unlike many 3PLs, I am proud to say that PartnerShip assigns a small, dedicated regional team with one primary contact to every new customer. This team has total accountability for customer satisfaction, including regular communication regarding service issues, weather delays, and claims resolution. And as I mentioned above, we don't bury our contact information - we display it prominently on our website.

    • PS Recommendations WebTalk to your peers about PartnerShip. I continue to be impressed by that fact that PartnerShip receives customer recommendations and business referrals on a regular basis. So if you ever have a chance to talk to one of our customers - we'd highly encourage it. Being founded as a small business subsidiary of a non-profit organization twenty years ago, we know how important the 'small stuff' can be to a small business that is trying hard to succeed. That's why no request is too small or big in our minds when it comes to helping a customer be successful.

    If you took the time to read this blog post and are interested in learning more about PartnerShip, please give us a call or send us a note. I promise that you'll receive Golden Rule customer service from our team!

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