• PartnerShip Year in Review

    12/22/2015 — Matt Nagel

    With 2015 coming to a close, PartnerShip looks back on an amazing year that was highlighted by great people, customers, and carriers! Below is a snapshot of what went into 2015!

    5 white papers developed
    Valuable, free information designed to help you navigate the complicated world of shipping.

    6 potlucks
    The crockpots would be too many to count…

    10 association programs created
    Adding to our over 150 other association programs, PartnerShip brought on 10 new association partners this year – helping their members save on shipping!

    13 new employees hired
    Tony, Robert, Amanda, Tyler, Larry, Zoey, Chelsea, Kim, Dillon, Jen, Jim, Kelly, and Stefanie were brought on board in 2015. Contributing to an already unique culture and helping customers get their important shipments from point A to point B.

    20 Cleveland playoff plates awarded
    Yes, it's as strange as it sounds.

    45 tradeshows
    As you can see, PartnerShip employees spend a good amount of time on the road exhibiting at the tradeshows of our association partners.

    72 blog posts
    Counting this post, that’s over 70 tips, trends, and opinions to keep you informed on the world of shipping.

    594 claims resolved for our customers
    PartnerShip prides itself on being a true partner to our customers. That’s why we’re very proud about successfully resolving almost 600 claims with carriers in our customer’s favor!

    614 white papers downloaded
    The aforementioned white papers were downloaded over 600 times!

    775 carrier partners added
    That’s 775 vetted and reliable carrier options for your shipments!

    3,824 pens given away at tradeshows
    The PartnerShip pen is an important accompaniment to any event or tradeshow.

    17,048 customers served
    Just over 17,000 customers saving on every shipment they send and receive!

    2,202,950 shipments sent
    Whether small package or freight, thank you for using PartnerShip for your shipping needs!

    Thank you for another great year! If you haven't already, take a look at our holiday schedule to plan out your shipping operations for the next couple weeks. As always, feel free to contact PartnerShip at sales@PartnerShip.com or 800-599-2902 if you have any questions! Have a great 2016!

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  • Thank you for your feedback!

    04/06/2015 — Matt Nagel

    Earlier this year, PartnerShip conducted a survey of customers to learn a little more about their freight shipping habits. As a logistics provider servicing thousands of customers and handling hundreds of shipments a day, it is important to us to understand our customers needs and concerns when it comes to their shipping operations. The survey consisted of around 15 questions geared towards less-than-truckload (LTL), volume, and truckload freight shipping. Upon completion of the survey, customers were entered into a contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch Tablet. Congratulations to Brian from Techniply, LLC for being our lucky winner!

    The survey responses gave us an in-depth look at your main shipping issues, equipment often needed when shipping, and top items shipped - to name a few findings. Many respondents also took the time to provide valuable comments about their experiences with us and other carriers. 

    The feedback, suggestions and information gathered in this most recent survey point us in the right direction and helps us to better tailor our content and services to your specific needs - so thank you to those who participated! If you missed out on the survey, feel free to send a note to marketing@PartnerShip.com with your feedback, suggestions, testimonials, or complaints at any time.

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  • PartnerShip Receives Prestigious TMSA Compass Award

    06/11/2014 — Scott Frederick

    TMS Conference 2014The past few days I had the opportunity to represent PartnerShip at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) Annual Conference in Dallas, TX. As was the case in past years (see 2013 and 2012), the conference provided a great forum for networking and education with the top marketing and sales professionals in the transportation industry.

    This year's theme, Driving Results Together, focused on the alignment between sales and marketing business strategies. There were a number of educational tracks that provided insights and tools to help transportation companies overcome shared obstacles and increase their bottom lines. Three particular highlights for me included:

    • Opening keynote on the State of the Transportation and Logistics Industry by Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM. Mr. Gonzalez posed the question "What Business Are You In?" and made the case for a broader perspective of the market, the competitive landscape, and a company's value proposition. 
    • Eight Content Marketing Habits for 2014 presented by Nate Riggs, President of NR Media Group. Mr. Riggs did an excellent job presenting a framework to help industry marketers cut through the clutter and win more attention from customers by bridging the gap between the art and science of content marketing. 
    • Closing keynote on Creating Strategic Impact - Making Great Ideas Reality by Mike Brown, Founder of Brainzooming Group. Mike, a former colleague of mine, used his trademark approach of creativity and humor to persuade the audience to embrace creativity within their own organizations, and how to make a meaningful impact on business strategy at all levels of an organization.

    The biggest conference highlight for me, however, was when PartnerShip was presented with an Award of Excellence in the TMSA Compass Awards program. PartnerShip received its award in the prestigious —Integrated Campaign' category for our integrated brand-building efforts that past couple years, and we joined a short list of 33 other transportation companies that were recognized with awards of merit or excellence in this year's contest.

    The Compass Awards program represents the hallmark of achievement offering TMSA members the opportunity to showcase their work, receive recognition, and benchmark work against others. All entries are evaluated by a judging team of industry peers, and then audited by the TMSA using a points-based scaling system. Fifty percent of the total score is based on the —Work Blueprint,' and the other fifty percent is based on the —Work Sample.'

    As part of the awards program, each winning company was asked to submit a 1-2 minute video highlighting the entry and the team that worked on the project. Here is the video that we produced and submitted on behalf of PartnerShip:

    Along with the Award of Excellence, TMSA provided the following comments that came from the judges who reviewed the PartnerShip entry: "Very well written. Really liked how your results and metrics matched up with your goals and objectives and that these numbers were included in that section. We really thought the timeline you provided was great as it helped keep track of all the moving elements. We also enjoyed the tie in with the internal aspect of re-launching a brand and that is to get employees on the same page."

    On a personal and professional level, it is so cool to have PartnerShip recognized among some of the most well-respected transportation companies in the world (some of which are important partners with us), including FedEx, Pilot Freight Services, Pitt Ohio, C.H. Robinson, and many others. To view the PartnerShip winning award submission and to learn more about the TMSA Compass Awards, visit www.tmsatoday.org/recognition/compass-awards.

    TMSA 2014 Awards Picture 

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  • Users of PartnerShip.com Website Give High Ratings

    03/04/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Website SurveyThe new and improved PartnerShip.com website recently celebrated its one year anniversary (after being re-designed and re-launched Feb 4, 2013). Now that the cake is gone and the balloons are empty - it's time to focus on making more improvements.

    To get updated ratings and input from our customers, we recently polled the many users that log in and use PartnerShip.com tools on a regular basis. Since our customers' time is precious, we threw in the added incentive of a $50 gift card which we randomly awarded to one of the survey respondents. Congratulations to Tammara at Marauder Bookstore for being our lucky winner.

    Overall we had a very good response to the survey with a great cross-section of businesses located all across North America. We received some good quantitative and qualitative feedback from the survey which will help us ensure we are making the right adjustments and improvements to PartnerShip.com going forward. Although the survey results are proprietary to our management team, here are a few take-a-ways we can share publicly:

    • 52% of the respondents think the website is "Excellent" overall, while another 45% think the website is "Good"
    • Additionally, 64% of the respondents are "Extremely Satisfied" with PartnerShip services, while another 32% are "Satisfied"
    • The PartnerShip Home page, navigation and resources were viewed favorably by most respondents, while many of our secured Tools received exceptionally high grades
    • Most respondents felt the website was simple and easy-to-use, and that being able to quickly obtain rate quotes for multiple carriers and services, and then create the needed shipment documentation, were the highlights
    • Ideas for improvements included being able to submit instant pickup requests to carriers online, enhancing tracking details, and adding more shipment history reporting features (I'm happy to report, many of these enhancements are in development as I write this blog post)

    The feedback, suggestions and ratings in this most recent website survey will definitely help point us in the right direction - so thank you to those who participated! If you missed out on the survey, feel free to send a note to marketing@PartnerShip.com with your feedback, suggestions, testimonials, or complaints at any time.

    Scott G Frederick

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  • Top Association Blogs of 2013

    02/04/2014 — Matt Nagel

    BloggingAssociations are continually bringing value to their membership through various channels. Blogs have emerged as a real-time, informational tool to get insights, important news, and just plain fun articles to readers. We've read a lot of great association blogs in the past year, and here are some of our favorites.

    In no particular order, below are some top association blogs of 2013:

    • Speaking of Precision by the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) — This blog gets to the root of member needs and tailors their content to serve as a steady flow of important, useful articles.
    • StoneDimensions by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) — StoneDimension has a ‘rock-solid' reputation for hard hitting news.
    • The NAPL/NAQP Blog by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) & the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP) — Everything their membership could want in a clean, easy to read format.
    • All Voices by InfoComm International — As an international trade association of professional audiovisual and information communications industries, this blog is penned by a group of industry experts.
    • NATMTRAILERS by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) — A blog that promotes awareness and provides a voice for their membership.
    • NBAA Flight Plan by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) — Not a traditional blog, but a series of podcasts that features aviation news and information for members constantly ‘taking off'.
    • On Display by the Museum Store Association (MSA) — This blog knows what readers are looking for — quick hitting tips, packed with knowledge!
    • Practically Speaking about Retail FM by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) — Education, information, event info, and much more - all tailored to North America's facility maintenance focused retailers and suppliers.
    • SMEI Blog by the Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) — Posts ranging from content curation, to sales performance initiatives, and everything in-between. This blog covers something that all businesses take an interest in.
    • APSS Executive Director's Blog by the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) — A steady stream of news, tips, and insights from the Executive Director himself!

    Thank you to all the above blogs and the other great ones that may have been left out here. As bloggers ourselves, we appreciate the high standards you set and hope you've enjoyed our posts as much as we've enjoyed yours!

    Check back tomorrow for the Top Trade Shows of 2013

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  • Top 10 Additions and Improvements in 2013

    02/03/2014 — Matt Nagel

    PartnerShip.comAt PartnerShip, we understand that in addition to significant savings on shipping, it's important to offer customers straight-forward, easy-to-use, and useful tools to help with day-to-day tasks. This is why we take great pride in our web tools and services, and we're constantly working to improve and roll out new money-saving options!

    Below is a quick review of some of the highlights from 2013:

    1. Website Launch — PartnerShip did a complete overhaul of our website this year and every upgrade in functionality or new service on this list is a direct result of this overarching improvement.
    2. Guaranteed Carrier Options — Customers of PartnerShip now have the ability to quote guaranteed carrier options on PartnerShip.com.
    3. Shipping Supplies — Offering low prices and the ability to order low quantities of shipping supplies you use every day.
    4. PartnerShip Referral Program — If you enjoy working with PartnerShip, we provide the opportunity to refer another business and earn money for that referral!
    5. Inbound Shipping Analysis — Saving on your inbound shipping is one of the easiest and most effective ways to positively impact your bottom line. Let our experts analize your current shipping habits and save you money on any shipments you may receive from suppliers.
    6. Live Chat — Being available to help our customers at a moments notice is of the upmost importance to us. Our new Live Chat feature better connects us to you.
    7. Find a Freight Class — Freight class can be one of the more tricky nuances of freight shipping. That's why we instituted this useful tool to help alleviate any confusion.
    8. Employee Directory — Meet the team working for you and put a face to the name.
    9. Regional Team Map — Like the employee directory, the regional map allows you to put a face to the name/voice you've been working with. But it also allows you to see the entire team dedicated specifically to the part of the country you operate out of.
    10. Social Media Additions — PartnerShip has been utilizing social media for some time, but recently we've delved into new platforms to showcase our company and interact with you. New channels include: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, and even Yelp!

    If you haven't yet used or taken a look at any of the above items, be sure to check them out. We can't wait to dive into 2014 with a whole new list of enhancements, services, and tools to make your life easier and save your business money!

    Check back tomorrow for our Top Association Blogs of 2013

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  • PartnerShip is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!

    01/31/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip 25th AnniversaryPartnerShip LLC is a leading shipping solutions provider to small- and medium-size businesses across North America, and we're celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! Founded in 1989, today PartnerShip develops and manages full-service shipping programs for over a hundred industry groups, representing thousands of customers across the U.S. and Canada.

    PartnerShip was originally founded by the non-profit National Association of College Stores to help college retailers across the country save on their textbook shipping. The program expanded to include additional shipping services, such as general merchandise shipping, inbound shipping management, routing coordination, and consolidated invoicing. Due to the success of the program within the college industry, the concept was eventually expanded to other associations groups, the first of which included the American Booksellers Association and the National Association of Sporting Goods, but then followed by numerous others.

    Building on the hallmarks of simple, worry-free shipping, outstanding savings, and exemplary customer service, the company enjoyed rapid growth from 2007 to 2012 in which it tripled in size and expanded operations to two new locations: One in northeast Ohio and the other in southern California. Leveraging its trade association expertise, and forging alliances with national, reputable carriers, such as FedEx, UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and Con-way Freight, the company was able to expand into dozens of new industries to help thousands of more businesses with their shipping.

    Today, PartnerShip offers a wide range of shipping services including:

    • Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping
    • Truckload, expedited and international freight shipping
    • Small package (express and ground) shipping
    • Exhibit shipping for trade shows and events
    • Inbound/vendor shipping management
    • Easy-to-use online freight management tools
    • Storage, moving, packing, and crating services
    • Discounted shipping supplies, and more

    John Finucane, president and chief operating officer for PartnerShip, has been with the company for virtually its entire existence. John says the company has been fortunate to attract and retain high-caliber, dedicated people over the years. —Today, we have a staff of nearly 50 professionals that work hard to help our customers with all facets of shipping and logistics, each and every day,' said John. —Although we cater to small businesses, in our minds, there is no such thing as a small customer." John went on to add, —We're very proud of reaching this quarter-century milestone ... and in a very competitive and rapidly changing industry, we're looking forward to what the next 25 years will bring.'

    The company officially kicks off its 25th anniversary celebration with a special, grass-roots exhibition and customer-appreciation event at CAMEX 2014, the college industry's largest trade show and educational event.  If you're a PartnerShip customer, carrier, or employee - or simply a fan - be on the lookout for additional news, promotions, videos, and other fun stuff throughout 2014 as we celebrate this milestone event in our company's history. But most importantly, thank you for your support of our great company!

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  • Thank You for the Customer Feedback!

    07/25/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Customer Satisfaction ChartLast month PartnerShip sent a broad-based market research survey to all of our active customers. Since our customers' time is precious, we threw in the added incentive of an iPad Mini which we randomly awarded to one of the survey respondents. Congratulations to Linda at Wayland University Store for being our lucky winner.

    Overall, we had nearly a 10% response rate with a great cross-section from across North America. That is a fabulous response rate and definitely a good indication of our customers' passion for what they do and what they ship. We received some great quantitative and qualitative feedback from the survey which will help us adjust current services and possibly develop a couple new offerings in the future. While most of the survey results are proprietary to our management team, here are a few take-a-ways we can share publicly:

    • The majority of customers all have small package and LTL freight shipping needs
    • A significant number of customers have shipping needs for exhibit shipments, truckloads, and time-definite delivery
    • One in four respondents uses a variety of logistics services (e.g., reverse logistics, warehousing, pick/pack/ship, import/export, etc.)
    • Competitive price, reliable delivery, reliable pickup, easy booking process, and responsive customer service are the most important things to our customers
    • Over 85% of the respondents are either somewhat or very satisfied with PartnerShip services overall (<2% are unsatisfied in some way)
    • Almost half of the respondents are very likely to recommend PartnerShip to a friend or colleague
    • 76% of the respondents opted-in for the iPad Mini giveaway

    We also used the survey results to calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for our customer respondents. NPS is based on asking customers a single question that is predictive of both repurchase and referral: "On a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to refer to a friend or colleague?" While this metric is not without its flaws, it was still gratifying to see our NPS score well above industry averages and very close to the best-in-class scores you might find in other industries.

    Despite the solid NPS score and satisfaction ratings, the PartnerShip team knows there is plenty of room for improvement. That's why we continue to develop and train our people, and hone our skills - so that we can fulfill our vision of being the leading shipping solutions provider to small businesses nationwide.

    The feedback, suggestions and ratings in this most recent survey help point us in the right direction - so thank you to those who participated! If you missed out on the survey, feel free to send a note to marketing@PartnerShip.com with your feedback, suggestions, testimonials, or complaints at any time.

    Scott G Frederick

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  • TMSA Annual Conference Delivers Industry Insights

    06/13/2013 — Scott Frederick

    describe the imageA couple of us that are involved with marketing and sales at PartnerShip had the opportunity to participate in this week's Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) Annual Conference and Expo in Ponte Verda Beach, FL. The conference, which was themed Marketing and Sales: Tools, Techniques and Tactics for Revenue Generation, delivered some great insights into trends within the shipping industry, and some of the tools that shipping companies are using to market and grow their businesses.

    The conference featured a great lineup of speakers and educational content. Here are a few quick highlights and themes from the conference:

    • The Web is a living laboratory. People don't buy from websites, they buy from people. Companies must be prepared to answer the question "If I am your ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than your competitor." - Dr. Flint McGlaughlin from MECLABS
    • Marketers need to focus more on buying behaviors to find the right customers and less on traditional "demographic" information. - Gary Brooks from Cortera
    • Customers buy the person first, the company second, and the product third. Five secrets to building trust with customers are: 1) Do what you say you're going to do; 2) Show up on time; 3) Listen more than you talk; 4) Focus on what they're buying versus what you're selling; 5) Provide professional and timely follow-up and follow-through. - John Boyens from Boyens Group
    • New government regulations could cumulatively affect the need to hire 1 million additional drivers into the U.S. trucking industry over the next three years. Trucking capacity will get tighter and shipping rates will increase due to moderate freight demand increases. - Larry Gross from FTR Associates
    • Personalized website experiences are driven by this formula: Data (what you know about the customer) + Content (What you have to deliver/show the customer) = Response (Connect the two and figure out quickly what resonates and what doesn't). - Matthew Williams from Adobe
    • You can't ignore the social media "revolution" (and if you're not convinced, watch the amazing video below). Make social content "snackable" - easily consumed in a short amount of time and easily shareable. - Brandon Balan from LinkedIn

    If you want to learn more about the TMSA, you can visit their overview page (which also features a short promotional video that includes this very same PartnerShip marketing director at the beginning).

    Scott G Frederick

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