• PartnerShip Employees Reflect on 25th Anniversary

    07/14/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip 25th Anniversary EmblemIn case you missed it, PartnerShip is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In March of this year we produced a thank you video for our customers. For this video, we recorded a message from PartnerShip president and COO, John Finucane, as well as some short video clips of our office and employees. I think the video turned out very nice, and we actively showcase it on 25th Anniversary Thank You Page, and on the PartnerShip YouTube Channel

    Although we didn't include it in our final customer thank you video, during our March video shoot we also interviewed a few PartnerShip employees and asked them to reflect on the company, our culture, and our 25th anniversary. We received some great, heartfelt comments from the brave employees that stepped in front of the camera and microphone; so I'd like to share them in this special video presentation. This is a true testament that PartnerShip is a great place work - with a genuine focus on customer service, teamwork, family values ... and having fun while doing it.

    If you're interested in joining the PartnerShip team, please visit the Careers page on PartnerShip.com to see what opportunities may be open within our organization.

    By Scott Frederick

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  • PartnerShip is a 3PL ... or are we?

    06/05/2014 — Scott Frederick

    Who Are We?At PartnerShip we generally describe ourselves as "A leading shipping solutions provider to small businesses." If we dissect this statement, there is certain rationale for why we chose these specific words to describe our company.

    • "A leading" ... We start off with this strong adjective because - with 25 years of experience and over 17,000 active customers - we feel like we can back it up. However, our vision is to not be just "a leader" but to be recognized as "the leader" in the small business segment (read on).
    • "shipping solutions provider" ... We use these words to describe what it is we do: we help our customers with all facets of shipping. I suppose we could have chosen a word like "logistics" or "supply chain" but we feel like our typical customers would rather we simply talk in common, easy-to-understand terms. We feel like "shipping" covers most of it.
    • "to small businesses." ... We do business with all sorts of businesses, across many industries - small, medium and large. However, we recognize that our culture, our people, and our historic strengths are working on behalf of small businesses to help them save TIME and MONEY on their shipping activities so that they can focus on their core business. PartnerShip, after all, is somewhat of a small business ourselves (less than 50 employees) - and at our origin, we were created by a non-profit organization to help small businesses save on shipping.

    What's interesting, however, is that as PartnerShip has grown (we've tripled in size over the past seven years) is that more and more we being referred to as a "third-party  logistics company" - or what's more commonly known as a "3PL." We've also been called a "freight management" company as well as "logistics provider." As we've expanded our truckload services, we're now even being called a "freight broker."

    Of all these terms, I suppose "3PL" is probably the most mainstream definition for a company like PartnerShip. In 2008 legislation was even passed declaring that the legal definition of a 3PL is —A person who solely receives, holds, or otherwise transports a consumer product in the ordinary course of business but who does not take title to the product.' While I can't deny this definition applies to much of what PartnerShip does, I think it lacks the substance that really defines who we are -- basically a shipping partner helping small businesses be successful by assisting them with their shipping needs in any way we can.

    So call us what you'd like ... a 3PL, a freight management company, or a freight broker ... we'll stick to thinking of ourselves as simply a leading shipping solutions provider to small businesses. Honest-to-good people doing their best to help you save time and money with any of your shipping-related needs. In fact, better yet, just call us "PartnerShip" since we truly are your partner in all things shipping.

    If you find the whole 1PL, 2PL, 3PL and 4PL discussion interesting, check out the article below that was recently published to the SupplyChain247 website that attempts to shed some light on the various definitions.


    By Scott Frederick

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  • PartnerShip is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!

    01/31/2014 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip 25th AnniversaryPartnerShip LLC is a leading shipping solutions provider to small- and medium-size businesses across North America, and we're celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! Founded in 1989, today PartnerShip develops and manages full-service shipping programs for over a hundred industry groups, representing thousands of customers across the U.S. and Canada.

    PartnerShip was originally founded by the non-profit National Association of College Stores to help college retailers across the country save on their textbook shipping. The program expanded to include additional shipping services, such as general merchandise shipping, inbound shipping management, routing coordination, and consolidated invoicing. Due to the success of the program within the college industry, the concept was eventually expanded to other associations groups, the first of which included the American Booksellers Association and the National Association of Sporting Goods, but then followed by numerous others.

    Building on the hallmarks of simple, worry-free shipping, outstanding savings, and exemplary customer service, the company enjoyed rapid growth from 2007 to 2012 in which it tripled in size and expanded operations to two new locations: One in northeast Ohio and the other in southern California. Leveraging its trade association expertise, and forging alliances with national, reputable carriers, such as FedEx, UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and Con-way Freight, the company was able to expand into dozens of new industries to help thousands of more businesses with their shipping.

    Today, PartnerShip offers a wide range of shipping services including:

    • Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping
    • Truckload, expedited and international freight shipping
    • Small package (express and ground) shipping
    • Exhibit shipping for trade shows and events
    • Inbound/vendor shipping management
    • Easy-to-use online freight management tools
    • Storage, moving, packing, and crating services
    • Discounted shipping supplies, and more

    John Finucane, president and chief operating officer for PartnerShip, has been with the company for virtually its entire existence. John says the company has been fortunate to attract and retain high-caliber, dedicated people over the years. —Today, we have a staff of nearly 50 professionals that work hard to help our customers with all facets of shipping and logistics, each and every day,' said John. —Although we cater to small businesses, in our minds, there is no such thing as a small customer." John went on to add, —We're very proud of reaching this quarter-century milestone ... and in a very competitive and rapidly changing industry, we're looking forward to what the next 25 years will bring.'

    The company officially kicks off its 25th anniversary celebration with a special, grass-roots exhibition and customer-appreciation event at CAMEX 2014, the college industry's largest trade show and educational event.  If you're a PartnerShip customer, carrier, or employee - or simply a fan - be on the lookout for additional news, promotions, videos, and other fun stuff throughout 2014 as we celebrate this milestone event in our company's history. But most importantly, thank you for your support of our great company!

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  • 17 Ways to Get Social with PartnerShip!

    11/12/2013 — Scott Frederick

    speak and listenAt PartnerShip we understand the importance of providing our customers and prospects with a variety of communications options so that we're available to them when and where they want us. That's why we continue to build and expand our communications channels and social media outlets so that it is very easy to find PartnerShip and interact with our company and our employees.

    Here are the many ways that you can contact or interact with PartnerShip:

    PhoneIcon 48x48

     ... via telephone at 800-599-2902 (call us toll-free)


    WebsiteArrow 48x48

     ... via our PartnerShip.com website (click icon to view)


    email 48x48

     ... via Email using a variety of addresses (click icon for options midway down page)


    LiveChat 48x48

     ... via LiveChat on our website (click icon to chat)


    blog icon 48x48

     ... via The PartnerShip Connection Blog (click icon to subscribe)


    linkedin 48x48

     ... via our LinkedIn profile (click icon to view and follow us)


    twitter 48x48

     ... via our Twitter profile (click icon to view and follow us)


    facebook 48x48

     ... via our Facebook page (click icon to view and like us)


    instagram 48x48

     ... via our Instagram account (click icon to view and follow us)


    SlideShareIcon 48x48

     ... via our SlideShare presentations page (click icon to view and follow us)


    google  48x48

     ... via our Google+ profile (click icon to view and add us to your circle)


    flickr 48x48

     ... via Flickr where you can see our pictures (click icon to view)


    pintrest 48x48

     ... via Pinterest where you can view our boards (click icon to pin us)


    tumblr 48x48

     ... via Tumblr where you can find another blog profile (click icon to view)


    vimeo 48x48

     ... via Vimeo where you can watch our videos (click icon to view)


    youtube 48x48

     ... via our YouTube channel (click icon to view and follow us)


    yelp 48x48

     ... and yes, you can even find us on Yelp (click icon to give us a great review!)


    If there is another communications or social media channel you'd like to see PartnerShip offer, please send an email to our Marketing team at marketing@PartnerShip.com. Otherwise, we look forward to interacting with you through any of the methods listed above!

    By Scott Frederick

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  • PartnerShip Employees Show Off Their College Colors

    08/30/2013 — Scott Frederick

    College Colors Day 2013On behalf of the PartnerShip team ... happy College Colors Day 2013! College Colors Day is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the traditions and spirit that embody the college experience by encouraging fans across America to wear their favorite college or university apparel throughout the day on Friday, August 30.

    PartnerShip was originally founded in 1989 by the nonprofit National Association of College Stores (NACS) organization to serve the shipping needs of the college industry. Although our business has diversified into many other industries over the past 20+ years, we still have extensive experience and many relationships with college retailers and suppliers across North America. So then, it's only appropriate that our employees should showcase their college pride on this special day. 

    Even though our employees are proudly wearing their diverse college colors today - when it comes to serving the needs of our college and non-college customers, our employee team is solidly united around the PartnerShip colors of blue and green. When our customers think about the PartnerShip colors and spirit, we want them to know that they can expect simple, worry-free shipping; outstanding savings; exemplary customer service and support every step of the way, from friendly, knowledgeable staff ... and that's our promise.

    describe the image

    Here is a recap of the #CollegeColors spirit captured in the picture above (left to right):

    • Mike - Ohio State Buckeyes (front row)
    • Leah - Ohio Bobcats (front row)
    • Alex - Ohio State Buckeyes (front row)
    • Lexi - Baldwin Wallace Yellow Jackets (front row)
    • Barbara - Ohio State Buckeyes (front row)
    • Scott - Ferris State Bulldogs (middle row)
    • Harry - Ohio Bobcats (middle row)
    • Laurie - Florida Gators (middle row)
    • Lauren - Bowling Green Falcons (middle row)
    • Amy - Mount Union Raiders (middle row)
    • Polly - Akron Zips (middle row)
    • Bryan - Ohio State Buckeyes (middle row)
    • Johnny - Cleveland State Vikings (back row)
    • Brian - Cleveland State Vikings (back row)
    • Bryan - Ohio State Buckeyes (back row)
    • Trevor - Miami Red Hawks (back row)
    • Joe - Penn State Nittany Lions (back row)

    If you're new to PartnerShip and would like to learn more about our company and services, we invite you to click the button below to request more information. Thank you!

     Scott G Frederick

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  • A 3PL Marketer's Take on Shipping Your Pants

    04/26/2013 — Matt Nagel

    Ship Your PantsIn case you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks; K-Mart launched an incredibly popular campaign-gone-viral advertisement encouraging customers to —Ship their Pants.' While I don't feel the commercial is especially creative in terms of content, the low-brow humor is undeniable. Additionally, this commercial immediately caught my attention being a marketing professional in the shipping industry and still harboring a part of my 13-year-old self's sense of humor. Not to mention that using the word —ship' interchangeably for a certain 4-letter word has long been a promotional pipe dream of mine. Maybe this is my chance!

    • Let us take care of the Ship
    • We're the Ship
    • Shipping for you since 1989
    • We Ship Year Round (OK, OK the last 2 are a stretch)

    On second thought, maybe the folks at K-Mart aren't the barrier busters I may have thought they were. Not only was that not as satisfying as I thought it would be, it makes me reevaluate the brand repercussions. Regardless of how many people see your ad, is it really a great idea to associate your brand with certain 4-letter words?

    So is this ad marketing genius or brand suicide? I'm going to perch squarely on the fence with this one and say it's a little of both. On the one hand, as mentioned before, it's probably not the best idea to conjure less-than-savory images whenever someone thinks of your brand. On the other hand, people are talking about it, and that should count for alot. At some point (and that point may very well be 15 million YouTube views), exposure is exposure. In a world where consumers live in a constant barrage of billboards, emails, ads, pop-ups, and commercials, isn't it better to be talked about rather than talk about yourself?

    With the majority of PartnerShip customers being small businesses that have marketing initiatives of your own, I pose these questions to you:

    1. What do you think about the Ship Your Pants' campaign?
    2. Would you, as an owner or employee of a small business use similar tactics?
    3. Can you think of any example advertisements comparable to the K-Mart ad?

    Please respond with your comments by clicking the "Click here to read/write comments" section below. Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, or if you just want to watch it for the 100th time, you can check out the K-mart YouTube spot below.

    Happy Shipping!

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  • New PartnerShip Company Overview Video

    03/25/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Check out the new PartnerShip company overview video. You can also watch this video on the PartnerShip YouTube Channel, along with other recent video productions we have published there - such as CAMEX 2013 customer testimonials, employee team-building activities, and more!

    If you're new to PartnerShip, you can also watch this video on the company overview section of our new PartnerShip.com website. While you're there, you can read more about the company; peruse information on our LTL freight, small package, and tradeshow services; take advantage of shipping resources and tips; buy discounted shipping supplies; get a free quote; and create an account if you'd like access to our easy-to-use, online freight management tools.

    I hope you enjoy the video. Please contact us at any time if you have any feedback or questions.

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  • The new PartnerShip Connection E-Newsletter

    02/21/2013 — Scott Frederick

    The PartnerShip E newsletteYesterday we sent a new, updated edition of The PartnerShip Connection E-newsletter to many of our partners and prospects that have opted-in to receive general communications from us. Our new format allows us to showcase some of our best or most interesting content - whether it comes from blog articles, industry news, special reports, or something else entirely.

    We'll try to keep most of the content focused on LTL freight, small package, tradeshow, and specialized shipping services for small businesses - since that's what we do. Occasionally, we might also mix-in in some fun promotions or offers that our readers may find interesting.

    Our goal is to publish The PartnerShip Connecion E-newsletter every couple months. We hope you enjoy it and find something useful in it from time to time. Please email your feedback to marketing@PartnerShip.com; or let us know if you are not currently receiving our e-newsletter and want to be added to our distribution list.

    You can also subscribe to articles posted to our blog by entering your email address in the "Subscribe Here" field shown in the upper right portion of this page. You might also consider following us on Twitter using the @PartnerShipLLC handle since we typically post many newsworthy items there as well. But no matter how you "follow us" ... thank you for being our partner!

    Scott G Frederick

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  • The New PartnerShip.com Website is Now Live!

    02/04/2013 — Scott Frederick

    As pre-announced on our blog last fall, the new PartnerShip.com website is now live! The new site was launched today with improved content, navigation, and freight management tools for our customers.

    PartnerShip.com Home Page














    The new PartnerShip.com website offers quick and easy access to company information, services, tools, and resources. Customers or prospective customers can obtain free, no-obligation rate quotes for their LTL freight, tradeshow, or specialized shipments from anywhere on the site. Using the password-protected area of the website, customers can save addresses and products, rate shop reputable carriers, and create bills of lading or shipments. 

    Additionally, new association or trade groups can start the process of building a shipping program for their members by completing a brief online form. Also, individual shippers can quickly create an account to become a PartnerShip customer and start shipping immediately. 

    —With the new PartnerShip.com, all of our tools and information are virtually one click away,' says John Finucane, president and chief operating officer for PartnerShip. —The new design and navigation make it very easy for prospective customers to become active customers, and for existing customers to manage their shipping. Since we're a small business like many of our customers, we understand the need to do things quickly and efficiently. So it was very important that we make the new site simple and easy to use for our customers.' 

    An enhanced resources section on PartnerShip.com provides customers access to white papers, case studies, carrier news, and The PartnerShip Connection Blog. Customers can also engage with PartnerShip through new live chat functionality, and on any one any of our social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    If you'd like, you can download a copy of our PartnerShip.com brochure here. We think you'll enjoy the new look-and-feel of PartnerShip.com. However, we're always looking to improve our website to make it even more valuable for our customers. We'd love to hear your feedaback or suggestions. Just click the button below - we're all ears!

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  • The 'Golden Rule' for 3PL Customer Service

    01/10/2013 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Contact Us PictureI stumbled upon an article today written a while back by John Rodeheffer of Inbound Logistics. The article is titled "Does Your 3PL Provide 'Golden Rule' Customer Service?" It caught my eye because PartnerShip, being somewhat of a 3PL ourselves, aspires to provide excellent service to our customers day in and day out. So I was curious what the author had to say.

    In the article, Mr. Rodeheffer paints a picture of the ideal third-party logistics provider (3PL) that does whatever it takes to fix shipping problems, believes there is no such thing as "just a transaction," and treats every customer interaction as a chance to build a trusting relationship. To achieve such 3PL harmony, he suggests that shippers look for a 3PL that employs the 'Golden Rule' of customers service. Additionally, he offers the following tips for determining if your 3PL values and delivers Golden Rule customer service:

    • Browse the company's Web site. What kind of ethics do the owners say they embrace? Read the Mission and Values statements and check for membership in the local Better Business Bureau and service organizations. Note any local, regional, and even national service awards.

    • Get to know the provider. What kind of experience does your 3PL have? Does it strive to do the right thing in every dicey situation? Does it push to get positive results for customers and live its values in every decision? A corporate culture establishes itself in every company, no matter the size. The best corporate cultures are intentionally cultivated and reinforced by management— from the CEO to the college intern.

    • Consider the provider's communication policies. What communications channels are available when weather, mechanical problems, or road conditions delay shipments? Do you have to babysit your provider and worry about your shipment, or are you kept informed throughout the entire life of a load?

    • Talk to your peers. Ask industry colleagues who they prefer to work with, and what kind of experiences they have had. Have they pulled contracts from the logistics company you work with? Has the 3PL's employees treated others with honesty, integrity, and loyalty? Also talk to carriers. Who do they prefer to take loads from? When a small hauler likes a 3PL, you can bet the company is worth a look.

    The PartnerShip Test

    As I think about these four areas for Golden Rule customer service, I am comforted by the fact that PartnerShip is doing its part to pass every one of these tests. Specifically, we here is how we stack up:

    • PS Live ChatBrowse the PartnerShip.com Web site. While our current site is fairly transparent, I am excited that later this month we will be introducing a brand new PartnerShip.com website that includes a detailed company overview (mission, values, etc.), local and national recognition and affiliations (including top workplace awards Better Business Bureau membership), and a variety of prominent ways for customers to contact us (by form, email, phone, or even live chat).

    • PS Employee DirectoryGet to know PartnerShip. In addition to a detailed company overview, our forthcoming new website will include pictures and contact information for every employee of the company - now that's transparency! We'll also introduce you to our senior management team, and provide you with even more details and tips on the services we provide and how best to access them.

    • PS Contact UsConsider the PartnerShip communication policies. Unlike many 3PLs, I am proud to say that PartnerShip assigns a small, dedicated regional team with one primary contact to every new customer. This team has total accountability for customer satisfaction, including regular communication regarding service issues, weather delays, and claims resolution. And as I mentioned above, we don't bury our contact information - we display it prominently on our website.

    • PS Recommendations WebTalk to your peers about PartnerShip. I continue to be impressed by that fact that PartnerShip receives customer recommendations and business referrals on a regular basis. So if you ever have a chance to talk to one of our customers - we'd highly encourage it. Being founded as a small business subsidiary of a non-profit organization twenty years ago, we know how important the 'small stuff' can be to a small business that is trying hard to succeed. That's why no request is too small or big in our minds when it comes to helping a customer be successful.

    If you took the time to read this blog post and are interested in learning more about PartnerShip, please give us a call or send us a note. I promise that you'll receive Golden Rule customer service from our team!

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  • New PartnerShip.com Website Coming Soon!

    09/21/2012 — Scott Frederick

    New PartnerShip.comWe're excited to announce that a brand new PartnerShip.com is coming soon! A few of the new enhancements will include:

    • A fresh new look and feel showcasing the updated PartnerShip branding
    • Improved navigation (everything is pretty much one click away)
    • More information on all of our services, including LTL Freight shipping, Tradeshow shipping, Small Package shipping, Association programs, and Specialized solutions
    • Enhanced My PartnerShip dashboard and improvements to the Rate Quote, Create Shipment & Bill of Lading, and Reporting tools
    • Tips and help for new shippers
    • Quick access to free, no-obligation rate quotes
    • Fast account creation process for new customers
    • Credit card payment method for individual shipments and invoices
    • New low-cost Shipping Supplies
    • Prominent access to our social media outlets (i.e., Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Google+)
    • New Live Chat functionality, allowing you to reach our customer service representatives online and at your convenience
    • An online employee directory and downloadable reference flyers with your dedicated regional sales & support team and their contact information

    The re-launch of PartnerShip.com is scheduled for late December or early January. Look for more information over the coming weeks. And over the weeks and months that follow the re-launch of PartnerShip.com, we'll be making even more improvements to our online freight management tools. If you have any feedback or suggestions you'd like to share, please click the button below and let us know what's on your mind. Thank you!

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  • Happy College Colors Day from the PartnerShip Team!

    08/31/2012 — Scott Frederick

    PS CCD LogoOn behalf of the PartnerShip team, happy College Colors Day! We hope your team is showing it's college spirit like our team is today. The photo below shows our Cleveland, OH office employees - each showcasing their alma mater or favorite college colors.

    We promise, no matter what colors you are wearing today - and no matter what colors our employees are wearing today - we love providing great shipping services to all of our customers just the same! So, if you're interested in learning more about the PartnerShip blue & green team, drop us a line or give us a call at 800-599-2902!

    PartnerShip College Colors Day

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  • PartnerShip Brand 2.0 Kickoff!

    05/25/2012 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip Brand ChampionTwo days ago we had a "Brand 2.0" kickoff meeting for all PartnerShip employees. There were two sessions: One in the morning for half the team, and one in the afternoon for the other half (including our California office employees who participated through video conference). The goals for the meetings were to ensure all of our employees ...

    • Have a good understanding of where the company has been over the past 20 years, and where we would like to go in the future - to become Brand Historians;

    • Feel energized and excited about the PartnerShip brand and the new brand tools we have been developing (including new exhibit materials, new brand collateral and a new website that will be coming soon) - to become Brand Architects; and

    • Speak confidently and consistently about who we are, what we do, and what makes us special in the marketplace - to become Brand Champions!

    Throughout the presentation, it was emphasized that great brands have three common traits: They have Credibility, Consistency, and Character (if they don't, they become a Commodity). All employees left the session with some very cool brand tools and reinforcement aides. 

    In between the morning and afternoon kickoff sessions, we had an employee cookout and enjoyed a quick "cornhole" tournament. Overall, it was a great day to be a PartnerShip employee and definitely an augury for the many good things to come.

    PS: Click here to check out our company Facebook page and to view some the employee pictures taken at yesterdays events.

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