Truckload Equipment Options

10/20/2014 — Matt Nagel

TruckloadTruckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of freight - usually exceeding 10,000 lbs and enough to fill an entire semi-trailer. Every shipment is different and needs the proper equipment to ensure a safe and efficient trip from pickup to delivery. Determining the correct option for your specific shipment is an important part of the truckload shipping process and can affect variables like carrier availability. Below is a list of some of the more common equipment choices, what they are, and how they are used.

Dry Van – This is the most common form of truckload shipping and is the option best used with standard packaged freight that does not need to be temperature controlled. The typical 53-foot van trailer can haul 44,000 pounds or up to 26 standard sized pallets of cargo.

Flatbed – Flatbed trailers are used to haul shipments of large, heavy, and oversized loads that cannot easily fit within a dry van. While flatbed shipping may sound straightforward, there are different options within the flatbed category that can throw you for a loop – single-drop, double-drop, and stretch trailers, to name a few. The PartnerShip team of shipping experts is here to make recommendations based on your flatbed shipping needs.

Refrigerated – Often referred to as “reefers”, refrigerated shipments require temperature controlled trailers. This equipment is often used to haul perishable food, beverages, medicine, plants, or even sensitive equipment. The refrigeration unit on the truck keeps the cargo at the exact temperature specified by the customer.

Chances are that your truckload shipment fits into one of the categories of equipment above. If your shipment falls outside of the above options, our team of dedicated representatives and our truckload brokerage department stand ready to help you find the best option for your shipment. We’ve been helping companies with their shipments for 25 years and we have a wealth of experience transporting all commodities and materials at all weights and sizes. We were even named one of NASTC’s best brokers!

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