Cargo Theft: How to Reduce YOUR Risk

10/20/2017 — Jen Deming

Cargo Theft

Cargo at rest is cargo at risk. Freight theft is an unfortunate but all too common occurrence in the shipping world, especially as we ramp up to the holiday season. CargoNet estimates that cargo theft cost businesses $114 million total in 2016 and while the frequency of reported freight theft hasn’t necessarily increased, criminals targeting freight have evolved and become more sophisticated in their theft strategy. The improved theft tactics have resulted in more expensive losses per incident for business owners. How can shippers defend themselves? PartnerShip has created a helpful white paper explaining all you need to know about cargo theft:

  • Commonly targeted commodities
    What products are targeted most often and why? 
  • Hot spots for freight theft
    Where are the most common areas with high incidence of theft? What patterns and industries do we need to look at? 
  • How cargo theft tactics are changing
    What strategies and methods are being used by criminals? 
  • What you can do to protect yourself
    How can shippers deter cargo theft in warehouses, shipping yards, and during transit?

Download the free white paper: Cargo Theft: How to Reduce Your Risk

Cargo theft is a scary reality for shippers across the United States, and statistics can be overwhelming. PartnerShip is by your side through your shipment’s journey. As your trusted logistics provider, we work with vetted and reliable carriers committed to the safety of your freight. We offer tracking and follow-up through your entire shipment transit time, to be sure everything is moving smoothly and on schedule. Visit for more helpful shipping information or give us a call at 800-599-2902!

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