Tradeshow Shipping: 3 Weather Tips for Exhibitors

12/10/2013 — Leah Palnik

Blizzard TruckOne of the biggest issues that keep exhibitors awake at night during the winter months is a trade show shipment that is delayed due to weather. If you plan on exhibiting at any upcoming trade shows, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  1. Build in one or two extra days for shipping, especially for cross-country shipping or shipping into cities that historically are affected by weather.
  2. Work with a proactive shipping partner (like PartnerShip) that tracks your exhibit shipment EVERY day, and when issues arise, will work with you to come up with acceptable alternatives.
  3. Always have a "Plan B". Most carriers will not honor delivery guarantees to trade shows when delays are caused by weather conditions. So it is important that you have contingency plans in place if your primary exhibit shipment is unexpectedly delayed (e.g., a secondary booth, experienced personnel who can expedite replacement materials, etc.).

PartnerShip has nearly 25 years of experience both as an exhibitor and as a shipper of exhibit materials. We stand ready to help exhibitors with our knowledge and know-how during this busy time of the year for trade shows, expos, and conferences. In fact, earlier this year PartnerShip helped nearly 300 exhibitors overcome nasty weather so they could have a successful CAMEX 2013 show in Kansas City, Missouri. Two crippling snow storms crashed over the Midwest affecting exhibit transportation during show move-in and move-out. Check out the video below to hear what these exhibitors had to say about working with PartnerShip to overcome the weather and still have a successful show.

Got questions? Give our Tradeshow team a call at 800-599-2902 option 3; or click the button below to request a free, no-obligation rate quote on your next exhibit shipment.

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