LTL Freight Insurance FAQ

Freight insurance provided by Roanoke Insurance Group.

Why should I get freight insurance?

The shipping industry has been reducing its shipment liability to the point where recovery for lost or damaged freight is pennies on the dollar.

Freight insurance covers against physical loss or damage and provides a better option than relying solely on a carrier’s liability coverage. It will pay to repair or replace the cargo regardless of if the carrier is found liable. In short, freight insurance helps mitigate the risks inherent with the shipping process.

Benefits of freight insurance include:

  • 1. Claims typically paid within 30 days
  • 2. Pays to repair or replace the cargo whether or not the carrier is found liable

How do I pay?

You can pay for freight insurance each time you process your shipment online at Or contact your PartnerShip representative and they will be happy to assist you.

NOTE: Declared value must reflect the full value of the merchandise, there is no partial coverage. Merchandise must have an invoice/sales receipt from within the last 90 consecutive calendar days of shipment date to apply for coverage. A claim will be denied if the invoice or sales receipt has not been issued within the last 90 consecutive calendar days of the shipment date. You will have the option to print or email your declaration of coverage.

So what commodities are not insured?

The insurance covers all lawful goods EXCEPT the following commodities which are excluded.

Fresh foods and other perishables (excepting frozen foods via ocean vessel); pharmaceutical drugs; live animals; flowers; plants; cigarettes; fine arts; cotton; eggs; cash in transit; specie; securities and other negotiable papers; bulk products; jewelry and precious stones and metals; mobile/cellular telephones; laptop and tablet computers or similar; and computer memory modules and cards.

Are there any restricted items?

The goods listed below are subject to more restrictive coverage.

Automobiles and motorcycles, not more than 12 years old

All Risk, subject to a 3% deductible of the total insured value of each automobile separately insured (but subject to a minimum deductible of $250). No coverage will be granted while the vehicle is being operated under its own power, except while driven on or off the carrying conveyance for the purposes of positioning, loading or unloading. Automobiles and motorcycles in excess of one (1) year old are subject to a pre-shipment survey completed by the shipper or their representative.

Household goods and personal effects (including artwork and antiques) professionally packed for export

All Risk, subject to a 3% deductible of the total insured value (but subject to a minimum deductible of $250). Fragile articles (such as glass, china, marble and earthenware) are limited to fifteen percent (15%) of the total insured value. A single item of artwork and or antique piece shall not exceed $10,000 or more in insured value. Shipments of Household Goods must be professionally packed and a valued itemized inventory is completed prior to shipment. Furs, cash, notes, stamps, deeds, tickets, traveler’s checks, jewelry, watches, or similar valuable articles are not covered.

Frozen Foods (shipped via ocean vessel)

All Risk, excluding loss or damage due to inherent vice and/or gradual deterioration. While the insured goods are under refrigeration, this insurance is extended to cover loss, damage or deterioration due to, or caused by derangement, breakdown or stoppage of refrigerating machinery or refrigerating plant or insulation provided such derangement, breakdown, or stoppage continues for a period not less than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.

Bagged goods

All Risk. Each claim due to the breaking, tearing, bursting or ripping of the bag(s) is subject to a deductible of three percent (3%) of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $250).

Wines, liquors, beers and similar spirits

All Risk. Claims for pilferage and breakage are subject to a 1% deductible of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $250).

Chinaware, glassware and other similar fragile articles (but excluding windows and plate glass)

All Risk. Claims for breakage are subject to a 5% deductible of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $250).

Ceramic, marble and granite tiles (but excluding blocks and slabs)

All Risk, subject to a 5% deductible of the total insured value for breakage (subject to a minimum deductible of $250).

Steel and steel products

All Risk, excluding the risks of rust, oxidation, and discoloration. Coverage for non-crated pipe, tube, rods, beams or similar merchandise to further exclude the risks of bending, twisting, and end damage.


Under deck stowage and/or containerized: All Risk, subject to a 2% deductible of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $250). On deck shipments: FPA.

Boats/yachts (not exceeding $500,000 in value and/or in excess of forty feet in length)

All Risk, subject to a 1% deductible of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $250).

Computer and/or electronic components assembled on racks:

All Risk, subject to a 10% deductible of the total insured value (subject to a minimum deductible of $5,000).

The following shipments/commodities are limited to Free of Particular Average (FPA) Coverage

FPA Coverage only covers losses due to one of the named perils in the policy. Examples of named perils include the sinking, stranding, burning, or collision of the vessel, or catastrophic perils on shore such as earthquake, derailment, collapse of dock, fire, etc.

  • » Automobiles and Motorcycles in Excess of 12 Years Old
  • » Used Goods
  • » Goods shipped on deck and subject to an on deck bill of lading
  • » Household Goods and Personal Effects Not Professionally Packed for Export
  • » Windows, Plate Glass and Similar Merchandise
  • » Ceramic, Marble, and Granite Slabs and Blocks
  • » Boats/Yachts (Exceeding $500,000 in Value and/or in Excess of Forty Feet in Length)
  • » Scrap Metal*

*No coverage is provided for: bearings, turnings, engine blocks and/or oil covered scrap; scrap shipments exceeding $500,000 per any one conveyance; scrap shipments made on vessels for break-up voyages.


What if I don’t need the coverage after buying it?

Coverage is non transferable and not refundable.

When do I need to file my claim?

Claims should be filed as soon as possible to allow Adjusters to work on your behalf to get settlement as soon as possible. However, claims for Concealed Damage must be reported no later than 5 (five) days from receipt of the Cargo.

Where do I file my claim?

Claims can be filed online through the claims portal or by contacting your PartnerShip representative.

How long will it take to pay my claim?

By following the simple claims reporting guide your claim can be paid in as little as thirty days.

Why do I need to report my claim online?

Filing online through PartnerShip is the quickest way to get a claim adjuster assigned to your claim and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Also, by filing online, it will give you a documented timeline and information of the loss.

What if I have questions?

Don’t worry if there is a conversation necessary, your PartnerShip representative or the adjuster assigned to your account by Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. will promptly contact you and be glad to help.

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