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A man uses a computer tablet that is sitting on top of several small shipping boxes. Please complete the form below to learn where you can start saving on your inbound shipping. PartnerShip will contact you to begin collecting the information needed to provide you with a complete LTL freight and/or small package inbound shipping analysis. You’ll see for yourself how our inbound management tools can save you money on every shipment you receive from your suppliers!

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Shipping Profile

# of Express small package shipments per month:
Typically air, express, or priority packages and envelopes.

# of Ground small package shipments per month:
Typically B2B or B2C parcel shipments <150 lbs.

# of LTL (less-than-truckload) freight shipments per month:
LTL shipments are typically >150 lbs. and/or palletized.

# of Truckload (TL) freight shipments per month:
TL shipments are typically >10,000 lbs. and/or require a flatbed or refrigerated truck.

Shipping Invoice Examples

Please provide us with examples of your current freight and/or small package shipping invoices if you can.

Click the buttons to the right to upload your invoices as JPG, GIF, TIF or PDF documents:

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