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Are you spending more on your shipping than you have to? Let us provide you with a complete analysis to determine how you can save the most money on every shipment, from envelopes to full truckloads.

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For Shippers

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PartnerShip helps you ship smarter by finding the best carrier, at the best price, to move your freight. We can leverage our vast carrier network to secure competitive rates, providing you access to capacity at a moment’s notice. With PartnerShip, you ship smarter, stay focused on your business, and maximize your productivity. That’s a powerful competitive advantage.

For Carriers

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PartnerShip carriers enjoy access to profitable loads, fast payment and repeat business. We’ve provided shipping services to over 20,000 businesses across North America since 1989 by developing meaningful partnerships with our customers and our carriers. We work with the best national, regional, and local carriers, just like you, so become a PartnerShip carrier today.

Partnership Updates

Keys to Success for Vendor Compliance and Inbound Shipping 07/10/2018

Obtaining vendor compliance and managing inbound shipments is a huge challenge for many retailers, but it is possible with the right tools. Follow these keys to success!

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Pallet Packing Mistakes to Avoid 06/27/2018

Pallet packing isn’t something you can take lightly. One wrong move and you risk costly damage to your shipment. Learn about the common mistakes and how to avoid them!

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It All Adds Up: The Operational Costs of Moving Freight 06/22/2018

Moving freight is getting more difficult, and therefore, more expensive. If you’ve ever had “sticker shock" from a freight quote, you’re not alone.

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Factors Contributing to the 2018 LTL Rate Increases 06/19/2018

LTL freight rate increases are unavoidable and carriers are taking their GRIs earlier than ever before. Learn what factors are driving LTL rates up in 2018.

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PartnerShip Loves Our Carriers! Here is Our May Carrier of the Month 06/15/2018

We love our carriers, because we know that if it weren’t for our top-quality freight carrier partner

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