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Thank You for the PartnerShip Testimonials!

07/31/2013 — Scott Frederick

PartnerShip TestimonialsOn June 27, I blogged about how customer recommendations (i.e., testimonials) and business referrals are important to PartnerShip as we look to grow and expand both our brand reputation and our business relationships. Over the past month, we've collected some nice testimonials that I thought I would share here (we also post them to our testimonials pages on the website).

"PartnerShip has been one of the benefits for being a member of SDRA that I initially did not think I would use. That is until it was going to take 4 days to ship some food items from New York to Mrs. Murphy's, and at a cost I considered excessive. Since I wanted frozen foods as part of the shipment, 4 days was too long to arrive by truck still frozen. So I would have to take off those items from the shipment. One call to Partnership got me a quick quote -$200.00 less than the 4 day shipping, and it would arrive in just 2 days, which meant the frozen items would also be coming our way. Great customer service and definitely a cost savings to our small Irish gift store. Thanks to PartnerShip!" -- Dick Murhpy, Owner of Mrs. Murphy's Irish Gifts

"We're a small company, and don't ship freight all that often, but when we do, Mike has quickly become my first (and only) phone call. Quite honestly, Mike has been providing us with some of the best customer service I've experienced over the last 5 years New Vintage has been in business. What I think says even more is we do so little business with PartnerShip, but he treats me like we do many freight shipments a day! Shipping freight was always a scary thing for us, since we do it so little of it. On top of that, most of our customers aren't "normal" freight recipients (residential addresses, music venues, etc...). Mike always goes above and beyond to make sure not only our shipments arrive on time, but also makes sure that things go smoothly for our recipient and us There's been occasions where we've had time-critical shipments, traveling cross-country, and he took the time to track the shipment first thing each morning and send me an email, letting me know on its progress." -- Nic Patullo, President of New Vintage Amplifiers, Inc.

"I will be ordering again very soon. We usually have a lull in the middle of the month. Thanks. I am glad to be doing business with you. Your website is easy to navigate and the service is fabulous. I don't usually throw out compliments unless it's well deserved." -- Laura Tapp, Owner of Vintage Bee

"I have no control over how our exhibit gets to (our show), but once there, PartnerShip ships it back. They are friendly folks how, over time, have become friends. I recommend them highly and will continue to utilize their services." -- Jim Ball, sales representative with Texas Art Supply.

"We lean heavily on PartnerShip to help us out with our marketing, and they do a great job. They do postcards, they do emails, videos; they send us white papers, and information on what's going on in the shipping industry ... that's a crucial component when you're looking to select and endorsed provider, like PartnerShip, is to ensure they are truly able to be your partner in your marketing needs." -- Causby Challacombe, director of membership for NAMM

Once again, we're so fortunate to have such wonderful customers that have already gone out of their way to say good things about us. We invite more of our other customers to do the same - and we want all of you to know that your support is greatly appreciated by our entire team!

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