NTMA Shipping Program

PartnerShip® helps you save on every inbound, outbound, small and large shipment through its NTMA Shipping Program, a free NTMA Member benefit.

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About Program

  • Who is PartnerShip?

    PartnerShip is the firm that created and manages the NTMA Shipping Program. We specialize in delivering effective discounted shipping services to small- and medium-sized businesses. PartnerShip currently works with over 16,500 businesses nationwide, providing exceptional savings and unparalleled customer service. We're here to make sure this program is a success for your business. We're the good guys!

  • What is the NTMA Shipping Program?

    This program helps NTMA members reduce shipping costs utilizing several leading carriers in the transportation industry. Big, small, ground, air, shipping near or far we’ve got you covered with impressive discounts with the best carriers out there. Back that up with our world-class customer service and you have a very simple way to lower the expense of shipping product in and out of your business. All free.

  • Who is eligible for the NTMA Shipping Program?

    Anyone who is a member of NTMA can benefit from the freight savings offered through the program. For the FedEx small package discounts you must also have a U.S. billing address. You'll be able to use your FedEx discounts to ship to countries outside of the U.S., but your account is required to have a U.S. based address.

  • I've heard about the NTMA Shipping Program. Big discounts, no minimum volume requirements, free. What's the catch?

    No catch. Really. PartnerShip has negotiated awesome rates with national carriers on your behalf — so you don't have to. What you get out of it is the kinds of discounts that were previously only available to larger volume shippers. With no minimum volume requirements and no commitments. Just great savings.

  • Is the NTMA Shipping Program right for me?

    This is the program for you if you like free shipping discounts, with no minimum volume requirements to meet and no obligations; world class account representatives who actually listen to, care about, and take care of your shipping issues; simple, free, fast online enrollment; and free comprehensive shipping analyses to determine where you can cut shipping expenses and improve your bottom line. If you're into hassles, headaches, and high rates, this probably isn't the best program for you.

  • What kind of discounts can I expect with the NTMA Shipping Program?

    Unlike many association programs out there, the NTMA Shipping Program discounts DO NOT depend on shipping volume. You receive the best discount from the very first shipment — even if it's your only shipment. Visit www.PartnerShip.com/54ntma/FedExdiscounts to see how much you can save, or call us at 800-599-2902 and we'll provide you with a free shipping analysis.

  • How do I receive my discounts?

    Simply complete an enrollment form online or you can fax or mail it to PartnerShip. It will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to establish your small package accounts; your LTL and truckload freight shipping discounts will be available immediately after we review your account profile with you.Your member discounts will be tied to your account number, so you'll automatically get the discounts every time you use that account number. That's it. Unlike many association programs out there, the NTMA Shipping Program discounts DO NOT depend on shipping volume. You receive the best discount from the very first shipment - inbound or outbound. Visit www.PartnerShip.com/54ntma/FedExdiscounts to see how much you can save or call us at 800-599-2902 and we'll gladly answer your shipping questions.

  • How many hoops do I have to jump through to sign up?

    One. But it's very big and really low to the ground, so enrollment is a snap. If you know your name, your address, your phone number, and your email address, you're already almost done. Visit www.PartnerShip.com/pages/microsite/enrollform.aspx?assoc=54ntma to enroll online now or call 800-599-2902.

  • What happens after I enroll?

    PartnerShip will send you a welcome email, notifying you that you are officially linked to the NTMA Shipping Program, which will include your account numbers, contact information, and tools to help you get started. A PartnerShip account representative will follow up with a phone call or email to you.

  • When can I begin shipping with my new account?

    Small package accounts take approximately 5-7 business days to process. Your LTL and truckload freight shipping account will be available to you immediately after you speak with your dedicated account representative. After you receive your welcome email, you can ship to your heart's content.

  • If we currently receive discounts with the carriers in the NTMA Shipping Program, do we receive those discounts as well as the NTMA Shipping Program discounts?

    No. You are only able to take advantage of one pricing program. If the NTMA program pricing is better, your account will automatically be linked to the program. Most of the time, our rates are better; sometimes they're not. We'll conduct a shipping analysis for you, at no cost, to determine which method is going to work best for you.

  • Who will invoice me for my shipments?

    Our small package carrier will invoice you directly at your discounted rates. All LTL and truckload freight shipments will be consolidated and invoiced by PartnerShip.

  • What type of companies can benefit from the NTMA Shipping Program?

    The program will benefit any business that has been previously unable to negotiate competitive shipping discounts with carriers. PartnerShip will provide a free shipping analysis to compare NTMA program pricing versus your current pricing with carriers.

  • Am I obligated to use the program? Are there shipping requirements?

    The program is free with no obligations and no minimum shipping requirements. You may utilize any or all of the program carriers.

  • How can I track my shipments?

    You can track all of your shipments directly from the PartnerShip website at www.PartnerShip.com. You can also track shipments at each of the carriers’ websites.

  • What if I still have questions or need additional information?

    PartnerShip is available to answer questions at 800-599-2902. If you call after business hours, PartnerShip will return your call the next business day. You may also e-mail sales@PartnerShip.com.


  • I already have an account set up with FedEx. Do I need another one?

    Nope. Your current account(s) will work just fine. We'll ask you for your existing FedEx account number(s) and you'll automatically be linked to the NTMA Shipping Program discounts.

  • I currently receive discounts on my FedEx account through another pricing program. How do I know if this program is better for me?

    We’ll analyze your discounts and if this program is better for you, you will be switched over. If your current discounts are better, then we won’t switch you and you keep what you currently have. If it’s close, we may need to contact you for a bit more analysis to ensure you get the best program for your business needs.

  • How do the FedEx rates compare to UPS and DHL rates? How do I know if I will save money using this program?

    Great question and we’re glad you were wondering. The easiest way is to let a PartnerShip representative conduct a complimentary shipping analysis for you. Simply email, fax, or mail copies of your current carriers' invoices. We will provide you costs for the same shipments through the NTMA Shipping Program, along with projected annual savings. It’s that easy, and yes, if we can’t save you any money, we’ll let you know that too.

  • How do I access my discounted rates?

    You can access your customized FedEx Ground and Home Delivery rates by referring to the charts at www.PartnerShip.com/54ntma/FedExdiscounts. Your customized rates with FedEx are also available online at www.fedex.com.

  • OK. I'm all signed up with FedEx, I have my account information, I'm ready to go! Is it easy to start shipping?

    Yes! If you already use FedEx, you don't need to do anything differently. If you are new to FedEx, please visit www.fedex.com. After setting up a user id and password, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits that fedex.com has to offer including preparing your shipment online, getting rates and transit times, finding locations, view/pay bills online, tracking and much, much more.

  • How can I give my shipment to FedEx?

    If you already have a regular pickup with FedEx, you don't need to do anything differently. You can schedule pickups with FedEx by calling FedEx directly at 1-800-GoFedEx. You can also schedule FedEx pickups online at www.fedex.com. If you prefer, you can drop off your shipments, pick up shipping supplies and more at any FedEx Office location, FedEx World Service Center or FedEx Authorized Ship Centers. You can also use any of the 40,000 FedEx drop boxes to drop off your FedEx Express packages or pick up shipping supplies. To find the location nearest you, please visit www.fedex.com.

  • We have product coming in via FedEx. Can the NTMA Shipping Program help me?

    Yes! Your discounts with the program carriers apply to incoming shipments as well. Instruct your suppliers to send your shipments FedEx Collect or FedEx Bill Recipient. This can be done when placing orders or by sending your suppliers the customized routing instruction form included in your welcome email. For more information please contact PartnerShip at 800-599-2902.

  • Why did I receive an email/phone call stating I need to provide FedEx with my credit card number before my account with discounts can be established?

    If you are a new customer to FedEx, and the FedEx Credit Department is unable to find sufficient credit information about your company, their policy is to have all new accounts on automatic credit card payment for at least the first 90 days. Once they have your credit card information on file, your account will be established along with your discounted rates.

  • What if I have a shipment that is too large for FedEx? If I have a palletized shipment to move, who do I call?

    Never fear, PartnerShip is here. Give us a call and we'll help you arrange your large shipment with a leading national freight carrier at a price that's right. We're your shipping connection; you didn't think a bigger shipment was going to stop us, did you?

  • Will I still receive a paper invoice if I am set up on automatic credit card pay with FedEx?

    No. FedEx will bill your credit card for your charges. Depending on your credit card company, shipment details may or may not print on your credit card statement. You can also view your shipment details by logging into your account at the FedEx website.

  • After 90 days will FedEx remove me from automatic credit card payment and begin sending me invoices?

    No. After 90 days you are able to apply to be removed from automatic credit card payment and receive paper invoices and billing terms instead. You can do this by calling the FedEx Revenue Services Department at 800-622-1147. Whether or not the request is approved is at the discretion of the FedEx Credit Department.

5% Bonus Automation

  • How do I obtain an additional 5% bonus on FedEx Express services?

    NTMA members now receive an additional 5% discount on their invoice from FedEx, simply by arranging your FedEx shipment online at fedex.com or through any FedEx approved electronic shipping device. Customers who already process online or use an approved electronic shipping device do not need to do anything differently—the additional 5% discount will automatically be reflected on your invoice. Please note the additional 5% online bonus discount applies to select FedEx Express services, and certain restrictions apply. For a complete list of eligible services, discounts, and FedEx electronic shipping devices please visit www.PartnerShip.com/54ntma.

UPS Freight

  • Who is UPS Freight?

    UPS Freight is a leading provider of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, offering regional, inter-regional and long-haul services nationwide. To schedule pickups or track shipments please call 800-599-2902 or visit www.PartnerShip.com.

  • How do I find rates?

    For a free shipping analysis, contact PartnerShip at 800-599-2902 or email sales@PartnerShip.com. We will compare your current carrier rates vs. the program rates and determine the best solution for your business needs.

  • How do I file a claim with UPS Freight?

    You may file claims online at www.upsfreight.com. Claim forms can also be completed and printed online at www.PartnerShip.com. Mail or fax claim forms and all supporting documentation to:
    Claims Processing
    UPS Freight
    PO Box 1216
    Richmond, VA 23218
    Fax: 804-231-879

General Freight

  • How can PartnerShip help me save on my less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments?

    PartnerShip LTL freight services were designed to take the guesswork out of LTL freight shipping and save your business time and money. PartnerShip gives LTL freight shippers a full suite of individualized logistics management services, in addition to increased discounts. All these services and savings add up to an incredible impact on your bottom line. And the best part of all, there is no additional cost to you to use PartnerShip LTL freight services.For more information, call us toll-free at 800-599-2902, e-mail select@PartnerShip.com or visit www.PartnerShip.com/freightservices.
  • We have freight shipments coming in. Can the NTMA Shipping Program help me?

    Yes! Your discounts with the program carriers apply to incoming shipments as well. Instruct your suppliers to send your shipments “Freight Collect”. This can be done when placing orders or by sending your suppliers the customized routing instruction.

  • Does “collect” mean I have to pay the driver at the time of delivery?

    No. Collect is a billing option from the carriers. Routing your shipments via “Freight Collect” means that the carrier will invoice you at your discounted rate. Your product invoice from your vendor will no longer have shipping charges on it.

  • How do I get rate quotes?

    One phone call to PartnerShip at 800-599-2902, or a quick visit to www.PartnerShip.com provides you with discounted rate quotes and service standards.

  • Do I need to palletize my shipment?

    When to palletize:
       When pieces fit squarely within the edges of the pallet
       When height and width of shipment pieces are similar
       When individual pieces in a load exceed 100 lbs.
       When individual pieces are less than 84” high.

    When not to palletize:
       When pieces are light enough to be stacked on top of heavier goods
       When a shipment isn’t large enough to fill the surface of a pallet
       When containers have considerable air space and can crush easily
       When the sides of the cartons overhang the sides of the pallet.
  • What material do I need for outbound shipping?

    You’ll need a completed bill of lading to give to your driver. You can complete bills of lading at www.PartnerShip.com or your driver should have a supply for you.

  • What is a BOL?

    Simply put, a bill of lading is the most important document in the shipping process. One is required for each shipment, and acts as both a receipt and a contract. A properly completed bill of lading legally shows that the carrier has received the freight as described, and is obligated to deliver that freight in good condition to the consignee.

  • Do I need to label each box?

    Yes, make sure every container, even if it’s palletized and shrink wrapped, has a label identifying the destination of the shipment.

  • Will the driver deliver my goods inside?

    Yes, the carriers can move shipments beyond loading or unloading areas when requested by the shipper or consignee.

  • What do I do if my shipment is damaged or if I have a missing piece?

    Record and check shipments for shortages, damages, and concealed damages immediately upon delivery.
       1. Verify all freight against the delivery receipt.
       2. If there are more pieces indicated on the delivery receipt than the number delivered, indicate the shortage on the delivery receipt.
       3. Have the driver write a precise description of the shortage on your copy of the delivery receipt and the carrier's copy.
       4. Notify your vendor of the shortage.
       5. The following information is necessary to have a shipment traced or to file a claim. Claims must be filed within 9 months of the date of delivery.
         o Freight bill number (freight shipments) or Tracking ID number (Small packages)
         o Names and addresses of shipper and consignee
         o Number of pieces in shipment
         o Number of missing pieces
         o Weight of shipment
         o Delivery date
         o Complete description of missing pieces

       Damaged shipments should be handled in similar fashion to shortages as outlined above.
       1. If a package appears damaged, take the time to open the box, while the driver is present.
       2. Have the driver note the precise damage on the delivery receipt.
       3. Do not remove the damaged freight from the box.
       4. Contact the delivering carrier for an inspection.
       5. As with shortages, claims must be filed within 9 months of the date of delivery. The same information noted above will be necessary when filing a damage claim.

       Shortages and Damages In some cases, boxes delivered may look like they are in good condition, but after opening them a damage or shortage may be concealed inside.
       1. Immediately notify your vendor about the concealed shortage or damage.
    2. Contact the carrier within 15 days from the delivery date. Waiting longer than 15 days may result in a claim not being honored.

    Key Points
       1. Always notify your vendor of short or damaged shipments.
       2. Have the driver precisely document all exceptions on the delivery receipt.
    3. Claims must be filed within 9 months of delivery date.
       4. Contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery date to report concealed shortages or damages.
       5. Never pay for merchandise not received.
       6. Always try to have your vendor file the freight claim.

  • What about Tradeshow Shipping?

    Most tradeshow exhibitors don't know you are not obligated to use the "official tradeshow decorator" to ship your tradeshow booth and material to and from the show. PartnerShip tradeshow services provide you with unparalleled customer service and exceptional savings compared to decorator shipping rates. No more worrying about whether you're getting the very best service. No more wondering if freight invoices are correct. PartnerShip Tradeshow Select is your complete tradeshow shipping solution. For more information, call us at 800-599-2902, e-mail tradeshow@PartnerShip.com or visit www.PartnerShip.com/Services/Tradeshow_Overview.

FedEx Office

  • If I’m not already enrolled in the NTMA Shipping Program do I have to complete a special enrollment to get discounts with FedEx Office?

    Nope. When you enroll in the NTMA Shipping Program, you will automatically be enrolled in the FedEx Office portion of the program, too. You'll receive a FedEx Office discount card in the mail shortly after enrollment, which will help you to save on your color and black and white copy needs, as well as on signs, graphics, and select finishing services.

  • Can I use my discounts to save at FedEx Office?

    Absolutely. Show your FedEx Office discount card at the counter when you check out and receive 20% off color and black & white printing and copies, and 10% off signs, graphics, and finishing services. Restrictions apply.

  • I enrolled in the NTMA Shipping Program, but never received my FedEx Office discount card.

    No problem. Give PartnerShip a call at 800-599-2902 and we'll get you on the road to savings.