Freight Accessorial Fees: The Complete Guide

No one wants a freight bill that’s higher than what you expected. Carriers are cracking down on shippers with accessorial fees – charges that are implemented for freight shipments that may require additional services or extra effort from carriers. While not every accessorial is completely avoidable, there are some steps shippers can take to offset these charges, and the first step is knowing what carriers look out for.

LTL and truckload services share many of the same extra charges, but each has its own unique set of risky unexpected fees. If you’re arranging and paying for freight, it helps to do the research, get specific about your shipment, and communicate with both the shipping and receiving locations so you’re not caught unprepared. In this white paper we break down:

  • Why carriers implement accessorials in the first place
  • What LTL accessorials commonly trip up shippers
  • What additional fees truckload services may incur
  • How you can avoid or offset these extra costs

Freight Accessorial Fees: The Complete Guide Whitepaper

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