• Your Final Four of Shipping Services!

    03/19/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Final Four of ShippingIt's March Madness all across the United States! And while you're rooting for your team to make the Final Four, we'd like to remind you that the PartnerShip "final four" of shipping services is a sure fire way to score great savings on your transportation spend.

    • LTL Freight Shipping ... this is your #1 seed to great service, quality carriers and super savings. When you ship LTL freight shipments with PartnerShip, you can shop rates across reputable carriers (not too many, not too few) with whom we have core carrier alliances. That means you know the service will be great, and that PartnerShip will help you with any part of the process - from completing a bill of lading to tracking a shipment. If you're not yet a PartnerShip customer, ask us for a free, no-obligation shipping analysis to see if we can help you save money.
    • Tradeshow Shipping ... plays in the same conference as your LTL Freight Shipping. That means, once again - quality carriers, great prices and friendly help throughout the entire process. You also get our exclusive Tradeshow Assurance Guaranteeâ„¢, which means you'll never be left standing in an empty booth space at your show. And, same as with LTL Freight Shipping, you get an audited, consolidated invoice with flexible payment terms and methods. If you're ready to try us out, let us give you a no-obligation free quote for your next show.
    • Small Package Shipping ... your top seed for small package services can be addressed with select FedEx® services, available to qualified businesses that are members of an association or trade group with a shipping program managed by PartnerShip. Like our other services, small package shipping comes free with no obligation. And with over 20 year of experience, we can help you get setup quickly and hassle-free. Contact us to see if you business qualifies for one of our small package shipping programs.
    • Specialized Solutions ... the dark-horse among your PartnerShip final four is an area that we call specialized solutions. With small business in mind, we continue to develop specialized solutions that are geared towards helping our customers be more successful in all facets of shipping and logistics. This includes inbound management, online freight management tools, special projects, storage services, moving services, dicounted shipping supplies, marketing services, and more. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about our specialized solutions - or even if there are other services you'd like us to offer in the future!

    So there you have it - the PartnerShip final four of shipping services. If you're a fan of March Madness - best of luck to you and the team for which you are rooting. And when it comes to shipping, know that PartnerShip is rooting to make you a winner each and every day!

    Scott G Frederick

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  • 8 Excuses for Not Working with a 3PL Provider

    09/14/2012 — Scott Frederick

    PartnerShip LogisticsWhen a member of the PartnerShip sales team talks with a prospective customer for the first time, they occasionally are met with some resistance to the idea of working with a 3PL provider. For small and medium businesses, working with a 3PL can seem like a daunting notion. Here are some common "excuses" cited as reasons for not working with a 3PL partner:

    1. "I can't afford to switch carriers." In some instances this may be a good reason to stay the course if you are getting really good pricing that can't be matched by the 3PL. However, in most cases a 3PL can use its buying clout to negotiate better rates on your behalf. A 3PL can also audit and consolidate freight bills, and provide claims filing assistance, saving additional time that the small businesses can use to focus on more critical tasks. Additionally, some 3PLs offer additional liability protection on your shipments that you may not be receiving today (for instance, PartnerShip provides $25/pound liability coverage, whereas many carriers offer only $10/pound).
    2. "Freight costs are not a big deal because my customer pays for the freight." Unless you're product is totally indispensible, this is extremely short-sighted thinking. The total landed price if a product always influences the final sale price. Your customer may not care now, but if they find a cheaper alternative - one that can possible be sourced from a local vendor instead of you - their business will be at risk.
    3. "I buy all of my inbound materials vendor prepaid." If you are the customer, then you are probably overpaying for your inbound goods if you trust that your vendor is always giving you the lowest freight price. Wouldn't it at least make sense to explore both "inbound prepaid" and "inbound collect" options to see which yields the lower overall cost of goods? The reality is that there's no such thing as "free shipping," so don't be fooled into thinking those costs aren't hidden somewhere.
    4. "Freight costs are not of a concern since my profit margins are good." Sure, margins may be good today, but they won't be good tomorrow if your customer finds a lower-priced alternative. Even if they don't find a lower-priced alternative, what's wrong with the idea of improving upon your already good margins? You never know when those additional profits may be needed down the road.
    5. "I pay my staff good salaries, so I shouldn't need a 3PL to do their jobs for them." If you are a small or medium business, then in all likelihood transportation decisions are only a small portion of your employees' overall responsibilities. When you work with a quality 3PL, you aren't duplicating their work - you're giving them the tools and support to do their jobs more effectively. A 3PL partner will allow you and your people to focus on your core competencies which are probably marketing, merchandising, and selling your products.  
    6. "I already have great pricing with my current carrier." If your only evidence of this statement comes from your current carrier, they may be guilty of a conflict of interest. Would they really admit it if you had bad pricing? Definitely not. Additionally, some carriers can be price-competitive in some lanes, but not competitive in other lanes. When you work with a quality 3PL partner, you generally get a few options for each of your shipping lanes ensuring you enjoy the lowest possible cost on every shipment, every time.
    7. "My business is down and so I'm not shipping as much." If your business is down like so many others in today's economy, your "buying power" is probably down as well. This makes it all the more imperative that you leverage the buying clout of a 3PL. They can ensure, no matter if your business is up or down, you maintain low-priced freight rates that are consistent with the most competitive, prevailing shipping rates in the market.
    8. "My business is up and I simply don't have time to deal with a 3PL." No one can deny that entering into a new partnership with a 3PL - or any other supplier - takes a certain amount of time. However, if you do the real math, quite often the nominal time investment it will take to bring a quality 3PL on board will more than pay for it in future freight and time savings. Additionally, having this foundation in place will allow you to continue to maximize your business growth going forward, without having to get bogged down with the nitty-gritty details around shipping and carrier relations. 

    The advantages of using a 3PL freight partner are clear, and it is important to choose the right one. As a dependable and reputable 3PL freight partner, PartnerShip is your shipping connection to substantial discounts and customized solutions for your business.  For more information contact us at 800-599-2902 or email select@PartnerShip.com. You can also download our short, electronic white paper below on "The Advantages of Using a 3PL Freight Partner" by clicking the button below.

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  • A PartnerShip Profile: ABF

    07/23/2012 — Matt Nagel

    ABF was recently added to the select group of core carriers serving PartnerShip customers. ABF concentrates on national and regional transportation of general commodities freight, involving primarily LTL shipments. Established in 1923 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, ABF has solidified its reputation as a benchmark for safety, security, and freight-handling standards.

    ABF Logo 
    Through the PartnerShip alliance with ABF, customers can access competitive LTL freight rates, create bills of lading, print labels, and track shipments on PartnerShip.com. In addition to competitive freight rates PartnerShip customers enjoy ABF U-Pack services which offer extremely competitive rates on the ReloCubes for moving purposes. Some other advantages PartnerShip customers have by using ABF for LTL freight services are:
    • ABF provides comprehensive shipping services to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Guam and Puerto Rico (see map below).
    • More than 99 percent of all shipments handled by ABF are moved without a loss or damage claim.
    • Additional ABF services available upon request through PartnerShip:
      • TimeKeeper®, a guaranteed expedited service for time-critical, time-definite shipments.
      • TurnKey®, a premium inside delivery and set-up service.
      • FreightValue®, a service for shipments requiring special equipment or handling.
    If you have any questions regarding ABF services, or special LTL freight shipping needs that ABF might be able to address, call your dedicated PartnerShip sales representative at 800-599-2902.

    If you are interested in receiving a ABF rate quote for an upcoming LTL shipment, log on to PartnerShip.com, or create a web account if you haven't already done so.
    ABF Map

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