• The Work Truck Show 2015 breaks records and drives innovation

    03/10/2015 — Matt Nagel

    The Work Truck Show, presented by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), is the must-attend event for the work truck industry. As in years past, the 2015 show in Indianapolis was buzzing with new products, innovative exhibitors, and of course, trucks. The Indianapolis Convention Center was flooded with a record number of attendees that were looking for the latest products and industry trends to keep their businesses hitting on all cylinders.

    Among other highlights, attendees of the Work Truck Show 2015 enjoyed industry focused training courses, access to technical engineering representatives, and NTEA’s President’s Breakfast where Tony Dungy was the keynote speaker. The show also has growing green initiatives to address the demand for advanced vehicle technologies and fuels. The Green Truck Summit, held in conjunction with the Work Truck Show, was a day-and-a-half event for attendees and offered strategies and solutions for practical deployment and application of green technologies for the industry.

    As the endorsed shipping provider of NTEA, we were exhibiting in the NTEA booth and sharing information about the shipping savings available to all NTEA members. We’re always excited for the NTEA Work Truck Show as it provides great opportunities to stay up to date on the industry happenings and produces valuable interaction with our customers. We had a chance to snap some pictures while at the show and invite you to scroll through the album below!

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  • Retaining Members for Your Association

    05/23/2014 — Scott Frederick

    Member RetentionPartnerShip was originally created 25 years by the National Association of College Stores (NACS) to help its members manage and save money on shipping. Today we work with over 120 additional associations in a similar manner -with more being added every year.

    So why do PartnerShip shipping programs resonate with members? Perhaps a better question to ask is ... why do members leave associations? This same question was posed in an article in a recent issue of the Association TRENDS publication published by Columbia Books & Information Services in which the author discussed a recent member engagement survey that found the three top reasons members leave associations are because:

    • They perceived insufficient value
    • They joined for a one-time purchase discount (e.g., meeting/conference registration)
    • They felt there was an insufficient connection to their business/professional objectives

    It's for these reasons that PartnerShip-managed shipping programs for associations often help retain members. In most business associations, members - and the companies they represent - are looking for services that help them be successful. Almost every business requires shipping services -whether envelopes, small packages, parcels, pallets, or full truckloads.

    If participation in an association allows a business to pool their purchasing power with fellow members to reduce shipping costs and gain access to valuable shipping management services, those members will perceive significant value in the association. They'll also feel a strong connection with the association in helping them address one of their important business objectives.

    When members feel connected, they stop viewing the association as providing little value or simply "one-time discount" for an annual conference. Instead members become an evangelist for the association; they pay dues on time, and renew their membership annually.

    You can read the full TRENDS article here if you'd like.

    Additionally, if you are a member, board member, or executive with an association - and if you're looking for proven member-retention tools - please download our Shipping Services as a Valuable Member Benefit White Paper.

    By Scott Frederick


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  • 6 RFP Questions for Association Affinity Shipping Programs

    04/28/2014 — Scott Frederick

    RFP ClipboardIf you're an executive or a membership director with an association or trade group and you're considering offering an affinity "shipping services" program to your members, here are six (6) questions you should ask your potential partners:

    1. What is your company background and experience? Ask your prospective partner to tell you the history of their company, how many years of experience they have, how did they get into the business, and what makes them different than their competitors. In the case of PartnerShip, we were founded by an association to provide shipping services to members - something we've been doing for 25 years.
    2. Describe your sales and customer service approach? Will your partner have a dedicated account manager for your program? Does your partner have a dedicated customer service department and what is their process for handling member inquiries and resolving issues? PartnerShip, as an example, provides a dedicated "program manager" to every one of our association programs. Additionally, we have a dedicated customer service team to support members.
    3. What marketing communications strategies do you use? What marketing strategies will your partner adopt to maximize program participation? What has been their track record with other associations? What is the process for bringing members into the program? PartnerShip uses a turnkey outbound and inbound marketing approach that includes a variety of high-quality co-branded marketing materials, including a custom website.
    4. How much program implementation support do you provide? How will your partner implement the program for your members? Will they share in the cost of the implementation? Will they provide communications and digital assets to your association for placement across your channels? Do they provide any live webinar support or will they support your trade show? PartnerShip does all of this and more.
    5. Do you have detailed reporting and tracking tools? This is an important one and an area where many partners fall short. Will your partner be able to provide both aggregate and member-level participation information broken out in sufficient detail? Will members be notified of the savings they enjoyed through the program? PartnerShip association clients enjoy a high level of detailed reporting on both a quarterly and annual basis.
    6. What does your compensation model look like? What methodology do you use to establish a mutually beneficial compensation model that will provide long-term success to the program? What process do you use to allow for full-disclosure and transparency of compensation reporting? PartnerShip non-dues compensation models are flexible and very transparent for each association client that we work with.

    I hope this blog post helped give you some ideas about how you might approach the RFP process of implementing this type of an affinity program. If you're still interested in learning more about how best to implement a shipping services affinity program for your members, we invite you to download a FREE copy of "Shipping Services as a Valuable Member Benefit" electronic white paper.

    By Scott Frederick

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  • New Association and Industry Shipping Programs

    02/27/2014 — Scott Frederick

    Many IndustriesMajor associations, trade and buying groups, and industry leaders continue to choose PartnerShip when it comes to providing experienced, reliable small package and big freight shipping solutions to their members. In the first quarter of this year, we have - or will have - launched new PartnerShip-managed shipping programs for the following diverse groups:

    • Manufacturing association with 500 members in the lubricants and fluids industry
    • Worldwide cleaning association with a global community of more than 6,400 distributors, manufacturers, and service contractors
    • National association representing 600 professional outdoors companies and suppliers
    • National car club with over 60 chapters and 75,000 members
    • Regional bar association representing 6,000 legal professionals
    • National buying group and small business services provider with 3,000 members
    • National association representing 1,000 companies and retailers involved in the arts and creative materials industry
    • International trade association that represents the interests of 600 companies in the medical and critical care transport industry
    • Northeast buying group representing 300 retailers across 35 states
    • Global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty through thousands of donor drives each year

    When you choose to build a shipping program through PartnerShip, you count on our 25 years of experience, dedicated program support, turnkey program launches, ongoing marketing, detailed reporting, improved recruiting and retention, and non-dues revenue opportunities.

    Build Program IconIf you want to learn more about how PartnerShip can help you build a program for your association, trade group or industry segment - click the icon shown to the right to get started.

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  • 5 Shipping Tips for Independent Retailers

    01/08/2014 — Scott Frederick

    Independent RetailersFor the typical independent retailer that's selling physical products and has an e-commerce presence, shipping is often an afterthought. While shipping is not as flashy or as sexy as creating marketing promotions and campaigns, it does directly affect your bottom line. Retailers that don't adhere to best practices run the risk of lost sales due to higher prices, or lost profits due to higher shipping costs. To ensure you're not leaving money on the table, here are five tips to consider:

    1. Manage your shipping supplies expense. Most of the small package carriers provide free, basic shipping supplies to encourage usage of their services. For example, FedEx provides free shipping materials and labels that can be ordered online. For specialized boxes and mailers, shop around a little to make sure you are getting the right quantities at the best prices. PartnerShip is another good source for low-volume, discounted shipping supplies.

    2. Consolidate orders to reduce shipping expenses. As a general rule of thumb, one big order ships for less than three smaller orders. That means retailers should consider consolidating multiple orders into a single shipment whenever possible, and always striving to minimize the number of packages it sends. All too often, shipments are arranged as they come in from sales or order processing. However, a little planning and visibility goes along ways towards shipping savings.

    3. Look at for multiple carrier options. Different transportation carriers specialize in different types of services, package sizes, and geographies. Selling mainly low-value, smaller products? A service like FedEx Ground or FedEx Express Saver might be the way to go. Selling larger or heavier products? Your best bet is probably to use a reputable freight carrier. Working with a third-party freight management company often allows you to look at multiple carrier and service options through one website. For example, PartnerShip.com allows retailers to compare rates and services across multiple freight carriers and options.

    4. Effectively handle customs documentation. International shipments require customs forms that can seem daunting to complete for retailers that only occassionally ship out of the country. Third-party logistics companies, like PartnerShip, can work with retailers that ship international shipments infrequently to ensure all of the needed paperwork is completed so that their cross-border shipments move efficiently and cost-effectively.

    5. Use technology to be more efficient. To remain competitive with large retail chains and other e-commerce retailers, online tools and services are available to help independent retailers manage their inventories, consolidate orders, track shipments, and even complete in new marketplaces.  Make sure you are talking to your peers or suppliers through an industry association or local business chamber to find tools and services others are using to gain efficiencies in their business. By leveraging technology, retailers can meet the fulfillment and shipping requirements of every market in which they compete.

    Shipping will never be as exciting as product launches, cool promotions, or a new website, but it is a part of the core foundation of a successful independent retail business. Retailers that proactively take advantage of services, tools and technology can significantly lower their shipping costs, become more competitive, and enjoy higher margins.

    To take advantage of industry-leading shipping services and discounts, take a look at The Independent Retailers Shipping Program managed by PartnerShip. With 25 years of experience helping retailers with shipping, we are confident we can help you too.

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  • The Power of Free Shipping (with PartnerShip Savings)

    10/15/2013 — Leah Palnik

    iStock 000023878409XSmallA current PartnerShip customer found a great way to use the savings they garner from one of our association shipping programs. In this case study, we explore how these savings helped them to implement an effective marketing tool.

    Business Overview

    With three locations and a large inventory available online, this business is one of the oldest and largest independent bookstores in Southern California. 

    Business Challenges

    This bookstore needs to continue to grow its customer base while keeping costs low. Continuing to grow the business involves keeping up with changes in the industry and creating a strong e-commerce presence — a challenge for many independent bookstores today.

    Not only do they need to grow their business, but in the online marketplace they need to be able to provide a competitive advantage over bookstore giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. With so many options at consumers' fingertips, these larger competitors are able to offer special deals along with the advantage of brand name recognition.

    PartnerShip Solutions

    Through an association shipping program managed by PartnerShip, association members including this Southern California bookstore, save on inbound and outbound shipments with select FedEx® services; savings that they can use to reinvest in their business or pass on to customers.

    In the past 12 months this business has saved over $42,000 through the program. With these savings, they're able to offer an enticing incentive to their customers — free shipping on orders of $50 or more. This incentive not only provides the customer with a positive buying experience, but it can also increase overall average order size. Customers whose initial orders are $49.99 or less are likely to add another item in return for free shipping, increasing margins on each order.

    Free shipping can be a successful marketing tool in today's online marketplace. Many consumers may use another retailer if shipping isn't free, and high shipping costs are a common reason for shopping cart abandonment. This business is now able to combat those potential issues with their free shipping incentive.

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  • More New Association and Industry Shipping Programs

    05/09/2013 — Scott Frederick

    Major associations and trade groups continue to work with PartnerShip to create valuable shipping programs for their members or stakeholders. As more groups race for relevance, they realize that shipping services are a valuable benefit that most of their participating members, merchants, or businesses both want and need.Industry Shipping Programs

    Already this year, PartnerShip has either launched - or is in the process of launching - new programs for members of the following diverse industry groups:

    • 1,500 businesses that are a part of the recreation and leisure-time food and beverage industry;
    • 10,000 business that support all facets of funeral services;
    • 500 manufacturers located in the Northeast Ohio;
    • 1,800 corporate and 7,000 branch locations that participate in the national furniture retailing industry;
    • 2,500 participants in the oil and natural gas industry;
    • 790 companies that support the retail facilities management industry; and
    • 2,200 suppliers to the collegiate retail industry.

    Over 110 associations and/or industry groups now have a shipping program through PartnerShip, with many more in the planning stages. The feedback we generally receive from the groups we work with is how impressed they are with the PartnerShip process for building, implementing, marketing and managing our shipping programs. Since we have nearly 25 years of experience of doing just that, it shouldn't be too surprising that we have really perfected the process. Generally, most of our programs including the following components:

    Research and Development
    We conduct a thorough survey and analysis of the shipping characteristics and requirements of the members or businesses participating in the association or industry group.

    Customized Program Design
    Based on our research and knowledge of the transportation industry, we create a program specifically designed for the intended users of the program. The shipping services will generally cover everything from small packages, to big LTL freight shipments, as well as exhibit shipments for trade shows. The discount structures vary based on shipping characteristics and potential, but the discounts will typically be greater than what the member businesses could negotiate on their own. PartnerShip also brings expertise to inbound shipping management, and we'll often build commonly used vendor lists as part of our program design.

    Once a program has been developed, we work with our association or industry group clients to introduce the service to their members, merchants or businesses. The timing, sequence of the roll-out, and communications channels used are all part of the collaborative process.

    Marketing Support
    PartnerShip provides a full range of marketing support to communicate the program's benefits, including email promotions, customized websites, online and print advertising, and more.

    Dedicated Program Manager
    A dedicated Program Manager who will oversee each of our programs, work with our clients to develop a marketing plan, and will be there to assist with any program-related questions.

    Dedicated Account Representatives
    Beginning with the implementation phase and continuing throughout the life of the program, PartnerShip devotes dedicated Account Representative and sales professionals who provide timely and knowledgeable customer support.

    Monitoring and Reporting
    Clients can track participation in the program monthly using our full reports, allowing them to closely follow the success of the program.

    Non-Dues Revenue
    The more the program is used, the more non-dues revenue that will be generated for the association or trade group to invest in educational programs, member services, and special events.

    Recruiting & Retention
    Ultimately, a PartnerShip shipping program provides our clients with a valuable recruiting and retention tool, keeping their association or trade group relevant and important for the participating members or businesses.

    Build Program IconIf you want to learn more about how PartnerShip can help you build a program for your association, trade group or industry segment - click the icon shown to the right to get started.

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